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Open Letter To Somaliland Finance Minister

Issue 304
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Open Letter To Somaliland Finance Minister

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Somaliland and the press law

By Mohamoud Raage Ibrahim

Dear Minister It is not an intelligent idea to hamper and hinder the Somaliland’s Business activities and restrict Companies freedom to trade.

Recently, I came across an article which was written by qarannews, having read that article I can not sit back and watch the Somaliland finance minister MR Hussein Ali dualle clearly announced that he and his government will loot and rob the Somaliland local business companies wealth and livestock if they try to export and import through the Bosaso port ”.

I can not find a better start to ask the finance minister whether he can endorse a new legislation to force Somaliland’s business companies that they can not trade any other external port then Berbera, while you all know that we have the Somaliland parliament which can only endorse a new regulation and legislation thereafter should forward to Somaliland president Mr. Dahir Rayale where he may or may not approve the new legislation.

It really shocked me and many other Somaliland’s Diaspora the way that the Finance minister misled and misused the power.

In fact, it is true that the Somaliland Economy has long been heavily dependent on livestock in particularly people who live in Sanag, Togdher, and Sool regions, besides the population of this area usually use both Berbera and Bosaso port. In addition, every body knows the tension between Somaliland and Puntland relating to Sool region, However before we make any political decision and criminalize the innocent local business people, there are many other factors which need to consider, for example, the destination, Transport, cost/expenditure, the port accessibility, taxation and duties, security and many other factors.

For example, if I bought estimation $30 each sheep from rural area and it will cost me $25 using Berbera port, transport, taxation and new health checking lead by Al-jabir, will I then sell at $38 per sheep head, subsequently, the Total cost per sheep will be $30 + $25 for related costs =$55.

And the selling price was at $38, am I going to loss $17 per sheep. For, this reason I cannot avoid to use other cheaper ports like, Bosaso, in order that I survive and support my family, unless that is the Government, is going to subsidize my losses like the EU to support my family or set up any other strategic plan to help me other than using an aggressive language as the Minister’s one.

We can not close the eyes and ignore the reality on the ground and speak afterthought with out making accurate investigation related to this matter.

I am really promoting that Somaliland people use and benefit our excellent port Berbera because it generates an estimated 65% of Somaliland Government revenue, however, we have to also recognize that the current Somaliland Government failed to implement a comprehensive equality policy where all Somaliland people have a fair and equal access to the local government services, in particularly, Berbera Port.

In addition, it is all known that Some of the main Somaliland political actors have already developed a monopoly economic system where there is only one provider/Company in a particular market and an excellent example can be (Total Oil Company) which has gained 50 years contract to trade Somaliland fuel Import.

It is not imagined tale that all Somaliland Local Companies have no rights to buy and sell fuel/oil in their own mother land and to proof this, let me remind you of Al-Harbi Company when they tried to import fuel from abroad and the Somaliland president refused to allow this company to import it using Berbera port. The Company faced enormous economic losses during the time that all Somaliland elders tried to persuade the president to allow the Alharbi Company to import fuel.

It was really amazing to see how Al-Harbi Company had dealt with the unfortunate condition and I have to underline that It was AlHarbi Company which had donated 7% of the cost of the Burco Bridge. But not the Total Oil Company (it was absolutely an unforgettable and heartbreaking experience among all Somaliland citizens to see their local company humiliated by their own government)

We all know that Monopolies are characterized by a lack of economic competition for the goods or Service that they provide and it usually promotes lack of viable substitute goods, therefore it is terrible to see that the Finance Minister is trying to form a government which it self is promoting a Government Monopoly System.

In Fact, I am in truth supporting the government and their positive developments that they are undertaking like Al-Jabir project at Berbera port, however we will never allow that the new scheme will be a monopoly one where only Al-Jabir can export the livestock from Somaliland which will deprive the Local Small Business Companies of any livelihoods, furthermore we have to develop an information and monitor system that allows us to assess progress of these Monopoly projects like Total Oil, Al-Jabir and many other Companies.

It is enormously unfortunate, if we allow that our government regulates as a business Company and use the governmental power to get rid of the innocent Small business.

Finally, I have to make very clear that I am not aiming to develop any instability in my country, I really love ( Somaliland). However, I have a difficulty to tolerate inequality and injustice which I have seen during the last 5 years like Political prisoners, Monopoly Business System, Unjust Jury system, lack of free of speech which our president in-hiding has governed indirectly etc. All these factors mentioned above have motivated me to react as I am reacting now and I believe that we have to debate in relation to our common issues and this article is my personal view, according to the reality on the ground.

Lastly, dear Minister, It is not an intelligent idea to hamper and hinder Somaliland’s Business activities and restrict Companies freedom to trade.

See Awil Statement Wasiirka Maaliyadu,isagoo hadalkiisa sii watay,waxa uu yidhi “Ma ogolaanayno in xoolaheena laga dhoofiyo meel kale,oo ah cadowgeena,cidii wax ka dhoofinaysa inay khaa’inul wadan yihiin ayaanu arkaynaa,oo adhigooda iyo Baabuurtoodaba waanu dhacaynaa ( Wasiir wax ma dhacaa? Bal na tus)

Weli waxyaabo badan baan sheegi lahaa si daqiiq ah ee waxaan xasuustay odhaah odhaneysey Xaajada bar baa la hujaa oo huga lasaaraaye .

By Mohamoud Raage Ibrahim

Birmingham Email Huluula@yahoo.dk

Independent Researcher


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