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The Forgotten Route

Issue 307
Front Page

"The Government of Wales Has Selected Somaliland & Lesotho For its
African Link Development"
Harris Nyatsanza, Welsh NGO Officer

U.S. Debating Shift of Support in Somali Conflict

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Recognise Somaliland, analysts tell US

Shifting Policy or a Face-saving Gimmick

US To Reassess Somalia Policy?

Written answers: UK Parliament

Ethiopia says world disinterest dampening Somalia peace hopes

Ethiopia: Situation improving in Somalia- PM

Somalian President’s Illness Raises Fears on Stability

US Urges Somalia To Broaden Political Representation

Regional Affairs

Somali Pastoralists Say Peace Their Priority

Ethiopia, Sudan inaugurate a highway linking to two countries

Special Report

International News

Eritrea: Frazer Refutes Bolton's Remarks On Border Issue

World AIDS Day Marks Day of Both Sadness and Hope, Says Bush

Canada Citizen Files lawsuit against Ethiopian government


Technology is the Root of All Evil

The Horrific Tale of Sonkorey: the tip of the iceberg on the attrocities committed by Ethiopians in Somalia

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Food for thought


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The Forgotten Route

Education in Somaliland

Mohamed Hashi Has The Fame, Rayale Lives In Shame

Kosovo and Somaliland: US Double Standards

My Visit to Hargeisa:

Somalia's crisis made in USA

Puntland Oil and Mineral Development: Benefits and Risks from Socio-economic and Environmental Perspectives

By Abdifataah Mahamed Ahmed

We live in an age of progress. In this age one who does not develop will stay behind and will recede. One who adapts to new means of advancement will go ahead.

Roads play very crucial role for the development of any country in the world. Where there are no streets there is not transports, and where there are no transportation facilities there is no development. The more the roads increase the more the transportation and conveyance development enriches.

I personally feel total embarrassment and dismay when I look and see Xero Awr road. A road that completely destroyed, a dangerous road, a road that turns into debris, holes, and perennial potholed. A road narrowed down by Jaad boxes and tea stalls.

Vehicles cannot travel smoothly and quickly, because potholes cause difficult driving condition.

Xero Awr road needs reconstruction, renovation, and immediate repairing to improve the deteriorating situation of the road. It is now or never, it is do or die. Otherwise the condition will remain abject.

Sufficient attention has not been made so far, but believe me Xero Awr colony deserves to get a tarmac road. A road with tar, so let’s turn into reality this elusive dream.

My message is towards inhabitants of Xero Awr colony. Because they are the only commuters that are suffering the misery, so that if they want to overcome this problem they should decide what to do and what not to do. Xero Awr road needs only fund to star the work and to buy necessary items like cement, rubbers, sand, and stones to fill the potholes. Otherwise miserable condition will continue in the time come also.

The responsibility for implementing Xero Awr project lies largely with municipal government also.

We need to get high executives and poised people that are ready to transform their country into developed nation. Inaction and dormant people snuggling rotten and horrific scenes cannot bring acme.

How we can take few steps forward. How we can develop drainage, manholes, and sewerage systems. When we are lacking the ability and capacity to build and repair roads and footpaths.

Eventually I would like to say if we want to enhance our transportation system, we should get enough roads and better avenues.

Abdifatah Mohamed Ahmed, Hargeysa/Somaliland



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