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The significance of Morgan’s visit to Kuwait

Issue 308
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On Friday Dec.7, Muhammad Said Hirsi (Gen. Morgan) arrived in Kuwait in an official visit as a representative of Col. Abdillahi Yusuf, the “President” of Somalia’s transitional Federal Government. That Abdillahi Yusuf has chosen Morgan to represent him should come as no surprise to anyone given the fact that Abdillahi Yusuf and the Mafia from Majeerteenya surrounding him have made it plain that their two priorities are: (1) looting as much as possible of the aid they collect in the name of Somalis; and (2) inflicting maximum damage on the people of Mogadishu, particularly the Aydh or Ayr sub-clan.

Truth must be told, Abdillahi Yusuf is not the only person who is responsible for the fact that Morgan (a.k.a the Butcher of Hargeisa) is being entertained in high places. Mogadishu’s Islamic Courts shoulder some of the blame because when they were in control of Mogadishu, they struck a deal with Morgan allowing him to stay in Mogadishu without having to account for his crimes. Not only that, but the Islamic Courts’major propagandist, Abshir Baadle, heaped insults on the people of Hargeisa and exonerated Morgan of all wrong doing without a disapproving word from the Islamic Courts.

The U.S government, too, is responsible, albeit indirectly, for the re-appearance of this mass-murderer in the political scene, because the US government has been exerting pressure on Arab regimes to do something to help the pitifully weak Transitional Federal Government, and by hosting Morgan the Kuwaiti government is responding to that pressure.

It is truly amazing that the Kuwaiti government and its Emir would host a war criminal such as Morgan, given the tremendous suffering that another such psychopath called Saddam Hussein inflicted on Kuwait. The Kuwaiti poet, Su’ad al-Sabah was once asked: isn’t the Saddam Hussein you are now condemning the same Saddam Hussein you used to praise and call Sayf al-Arab (the sword of the Arabs)? Suad al-Sabah’s answer was that Saddam Hussein did not just deceive her but he deceived the Kuwaiti people and all Arabs. Ok, may be Saddam did deceive her and other Kuwaitis. But there is little doubt that they supported Saddam Hussein as long as he was killing Persians, and they had no idea that the monster they were feeding would one day turn against them. The Kuwaiti government should draw the right lesson from that cruel chapter in their history and stop cultivating monsters, whether they are called Saddam Hussein or Gen. Morgan, if not for the sake of morality and higher principles then for the simple fact that monsters often bite the hand that feeds them.

Source: Somaliland Times

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