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Nomad International in Somaliland to launch a new project and evaluate existing projects

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Nomad International in Somaliland to launch a new project and evaluate existing projects

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Burao, 12 December 2007 - Nomad International in Somaliland to launch a new project and evaluate existing projects.

Mohamed Aden (Kodhadhi) from Nomad International, UK branch, is in Somaliland to launch a new project on behalf of the organisation and evaluate their existing projects.

In 2005 the organisation has created and started a standing order system in the UK whereby donors are asked to give a minimum of 5 Pounds a month. This innovative move allows to collect remittances from the Somaliland Diaspora as well as the wider UK community that support Somaliland’s health and education sector. The money is directly withdrawn from the donors’ accounts and paid into Nomad’s account that in return sends the money to the accident and emergency department of Hargeisa Group Hospital via Dahabshiil. Since its launch in May 2006, 12 members of staff benefit from the project each month. This project has proven to be a great success and has raised the moral of staff members. Hence, Mr Mohamed brought a visit to Burao Regional Hospital to launch a similar project which will much fund the salaries of staff members in a particular department of choice.

Reasons behind the launch in Burao Regional Hospital

Togdheer region is the second biggest populated region in Somaliland; it has also the second biggest referral hospital. Taking advantage of its’ midland location, has borders with four Somaliland regions and the Ethiopian-Somali region; as well as being the biggest livestock market in the zone. These strategic assets have made Burao regional hospital an opportune referral and training facility to all the regions discussed above.

The prevailing economic crises in Somaliland, shortage of qualified nurses/midwives, low income, delayed payment of salaries, has created favourable conditions for cross-infection, chronicity of inpatients and increasing costs to patients, relatives and the hospital. The resultant conditions has undermined scientific health care, encouraged a comeback of traditional medicine and techniques; and remain an overall threat to the whole population in the era of HIV/AIDs pandemic prevalence.

To partly avert the declining hospital care qualities and professional practice standards which are mainly caused by the lack of staff members the Burao Regional Hospital Committee has chosen the Accident and Emergency Department and Nomad have accepted the quest.

Nomad has agreed to support the staff members of this particular department. Nomad has required the Committee to summit monthly reports to show what progress is made. In additional, Mr Mohamed Aden has urged the Committee to take this serious since the fundraising and project sustainability is depending on the feedback Nomad gets, which in return will enhance the continuity of the project as donors will get to know how, where and on what their donations has been spent. The Committee suggested keeping the line of communication short and consistent and will sure to fulfil their duties. Mr Mohamed has also touched on the previous Nomad Burao Hospital Project in 2004.

In that year Nomad has raised about 20 000 USD and bought medical equipments, which were delivered to the hospital in the same year. Mohamed stressed the lack of feedback with regards to the usage of the equipment and the progress made left Nomad and the wider community with questions. The Committee acknowledge the lack of communication but reassured that about 90% of the equipment is in use at the moment. Further, there were some problems with some cables which the Committee is trying to sort out very quickly.

Participants of the meeting where this decision was taken

  1. Dr. Abdulkadir H. Muse Burao regional hospital director
  2. Mr. Jamal Mohamed warsame (henwal) Regional Community health board.
  3. Mr Aden Elmi Deria Togdheer Regional medical officer.
  4. Mr Jimaan Yousuf Mohd.Off The record regional health board member and independent community develop voice.
  5. Dr Essa Nur Regional health board member.
  6. Mr Mohamed Aden Hassan , Nomad. International U.K representative.

Report by:

Jimaan Yousuf Mohamed, Off The record regional health board member and independent community develop voice



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