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Somaliland elders never tire and retire

Issue 312
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Somaliland elders never tire and retire

By Abdifatah Mohamed Ahmed

Citizen’s of any country in the world can be categorized into three division’s , the first part is the junior citizen’s ,the next part is the middle class citizen’s and the last part is the senior citizen’s which are the aged and senile people. On the other hand also we can discriminate the aboriginal people of any country into two segments. Generation X that comprises (youth + middle class citizens) and generation Y that consists of geriatric and senile citizen’s

Senior citizens are those people who established and arrange every thing initially and they play very crucial role for the development and stabilizing of any country, they are victory pioneers and all the credit and dignity goes to them, especially in Somaliland senior citizens are the roots and pillars of the people. They contributed and sacrifice many things, senior citizens are the role models and source of inspiration, senior citizens resolves problems urgently and they are custodians and moreover watchdogs of their people, but the turning point is some lines should never be crossed and every thing is having age limit. Our senior citizens must grasp this point. if you glimpses in any corner of the society at this point of juncture you will be getting senior citizens dominating hot seats ,but to my mind this is a bad act. If aged people occupy the available seats what would youth and other people of the country do? There is no other option except to migrate.

Even most our mandarins are aged people (double tired) and some of them cross the retirement age like our council of elders and they would not empty office until death attacks.

So that we need to commence a new scheme that restricts, adjusts, and reforms, the role of senior citizens in our society. Instead of giving them every role and chance, retirement age must be introduced, and old age pension fund must be created. Our senior citizens must understand what retirement is all about. And they should take rest, recreation, and leisure time. And they should experience life beyond job.

There should be a stage in one's career when he/she is tired and then retires, like after 25years of service one will be tired and after 35 will be retired.

Mentally and physically retired people cannot produce fruitful development, very old people, tired brains and retired minds cannot pass hard and tough times.

We need to get fresh minds and debut people that exposes synergy and double development in a brisk way.

Life is very gorgeous when you approach in a balanced and equilibrium way. Excess of every thing is bad; our senior citizens would fathom the ground reality of any condition in a profound way. Emerging Somaliland is eager to get ingenious and sage crew.It is not lovely to sit plush offices after retirement age. Dear senior citizens please leave and vacate office appropriate time .because this is paramount concern, and take this positive verdict. And give young generations of your country a chance to express themselves to be responsible.

Thousand of generation X life today vegetates, obnoxious, and even arduous life. Because they don’t have any sufficient resources to lead a simple life, there is no reservation for youth, there are no youth development schemes, there is no priority, and there are no employment opportunities. And government did not pay any attention. because senior citizens and geriatric people occupy the available seat and dominate every sector. But to be frank this is unsound and unscrupulous. If it is certain for old and weak (outdated) , why not smart, cute, and handsome teenagers, if aged people can, youth can also demonstrate their efficiency.

Youth generations are the assets of the country and future of the nation. If we shape their lives and give them sufficient attention and utmost care, they can be a useful people in their society. But if we did not give them any chance they will become liability to community. And they will commit loathsome, gruesome and heinous crimes such as killing, violence, looting, robbery, rape, burglars etc

Some people may say senior citizens are the victory pioneers in our country, and our country belongs to them so let the do what ever they wish, let them rule, on the other hand also some people may insulate over aged people and may say age is not a bar it is just a number and digit so let our seniors rule under any circumstance. But I did not accede these hassles and squabbles .indeed their profit does not mean a loss to other people. Win-win situation is better than win-lose situation.

Cotemporary and modernization demands decent and fresh players not geriatric and over aged, Somaliland must go green

Abdifatah Mohamed Ahmed


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