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Senior AU official visits Somalia

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Guled Hussein25
Mogadishu scene

Mogadishu, Somalia, 25 January 2008 - An African Union (AU) delegation led by the AU Peace and Security Commissioner, Ambassador Said Djinnit visited Mogadishu, Somalia on Wednesday to express the support of the AU to the new Somali government and to pay tribute to troops of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Ambassador Djinnit , who met with the new Somali Prime Minister and members of his cabinet, said that the AU is determined to do its level best in supporting the Somali peace process, according to the statement of the AU sent to ENA on Wednesday.

The commissioner encouraged the Somali authorities to pursue the reconciliation and political process through an inclusive dialogue before announcing that the AU intends to facilitate a road map for Somalia.

According the statement the road map would include four components namely; the political process, the peace support and security mission, the humanitarian aspect, and the capacity building component for institutions of Somalia.

“The road map will be a base for a commitment of the international community to Somalia,” Ambassador Djinnit said.

Prime Minister, Nur Hassan Hussien thanked the commissioner for his visit, which demonstrates the AU’s commitment and dedication for Somalia.

He reaffirmed his government’s willingness to pursue an all inclusive political dialogue and to focus on fostering security to enable humanitarian access to the needy Somali population to alleviate the suffering.

Before leaving Mogadishu, the commissioner, who was accompanied by the Special Representative for Somalia Nicolas Bwakira, visited the headquarters of AMISOM and briefed on the activities of AMISOM by the Force Commander.

Source: The Ethiopian News Agency


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