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A Human Catastrophe Unfolds In Northeast Awdal Region

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A Human Catastrophe Unfolds In Northeast Awdal Region

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“Rains have left many people falling to mysterious illnesses never seen or heard of before”

Borama, Somaliland, January 26, 2008 (SL Times) – The fact finding team sent by Awdal regional authority last week to inspect the extent of devastation caused by the unusually cold rains, held a press conference in Borama, capital of Awdal region.

According to SL Times Awdal region reporter, Muhamad Omar Sheekh, the team consisting of the regional authority, MPs, officials from the two ministries of Health and Resettlement travelled to N/East of Awdal region after reports that 5 days of continuous cold rains that brought death, illnesses and loss of livelihood for thousands of nomadic families and farmers.

Speaking at the press conference, the Governor of Awdal, Mr Abdillahi Ege said, “we are all too aware of the recent devastation and ruin brought on by the spell of extreme cold rains hitting the region’s northern coastal fronts and its eastern parts. The rains went on non-stop for at least 5 days. When we heard of this catastrophe, we sent a team of officials to inspect the extent of damage. I was shocked when they reported back the level of destruction these rains inflicted on the local population and the habitat of the area. The team we sent estimated the loss of livestock as numbering 20,000 heads of goats and sheep, 14 camels and hundreds of wildlife at minimum.”

The Awdal Governor stated that the fact finding team reported that the extraordinary downpour caused 3 human deaths and the loss of livelihood for thousands of families whose livestock perished and who are on the brink of mass starvation.

Governor Ege added, “the worst aspect about this disaster is that the rains have left many people falling to mysterious illnesses never seen or heard of before in the region, or country, as a whole. Hundreds of people are affected by unknown skin inflammation, irritations and other conditions. Many have lost their hearing, sight and some are affected by constant diarrohea. We are extremely nervous and horrified as to what all this will lead to, and what may have caused it.”

Mr Abdillahi Ege, the Governor of Awdal region, appealed to the central government, public at large and international organizations to provide emergency aid and assistance to alleviate the suffering caused by the rains in Awdal region.

Source: Somaliland Times

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