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Issue 314
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A Controversial Conference Adopts Somaliland ICT Vision 2025

Visit of Somaliland Delegation

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House Church Members Flee Somaliland Amid Government Crackdown

Regional Affairs

Another 132 dead in Gulf of Aden over weekend

Somaliland President Meets With Senior US Officials

Special Report

International News

New US Commander Prepares for Africa Assignment

Looking at the bigger picture

Somali man faces city centre sex assault charge


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'When They See Us Coming They Must Be Scared'


Getting boots off the ground

Food for thought


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Somaliland’s Search For Independence Will Continue


Beyond The Empty Gestures

A Reply To Mr. Jawaan's Article

Mr. President Please Hear Me Out

Failure To Dispose Off Municipal Wastes Safely Can Cause A Huge Public Health Disaster!

What Does It Mean The Removal Of SNM History From The Curriculum?

You Can Watch A Thief, Not A Liar


By Mohamud Tani

The enemies of Somaliland rejoiced on the answers given by a U.S State Department spokesman. On the contrary the people of Somaliland rejoiced that the most prominent journalists in Washington were asking the spokesman about the big news of the day: The presence of the President of the Republic of Somaliland in Washington. Whether the American Government was denying that it was on the verge of recognizing Somaliland or not, the very fact that the U.S Government is being suspected by the journalists on taking that step was a great news for Somaliland as well as a great diplomatic victory for President Rayale Kahin.

The journalists of the major American Papers and Networks did not ask about Iraq or about NATO or about China that day. They asked the spokesman about Somaliland and whether the U.S is on the verge of recognizing it, and they were not ready to accept NO for an answer, knowing what everybody in Washington knew that day about the level of activity surrounding the President of Somaliland and his delegation.

The truth of the matter emerged when the Presidents delegation left Washington, and the same State Department Spokesman issued an official statement in which he made it clear that the U.S and Somaliland will continue to engage in the aftermath of President Rayale’s visit in matters of mutual interest for both countries. To the dismay of our enemies, for a first time visit it could not come to be better than that. I was not at all surprised that the usual anti Somaliland forces will try to catch the straw like a man drowning in the sea, and therefore try to rejoice at anything that they may interpret as a bad news for Somaliland, even if it is only in their imaginations.

I am not at all surprised by that. However, what is so funny is the reactions of major Kulmiye figures, who from the parliament of Somaliland to the prominent members in the west coast, and from the Editorials of certain newspapers to interviews in the Horyaal Radio seem to be shaking with fear of the Presidents mission and are acting in the most awkward way you could think about. Strangely enough, they looked and acted more Wanlawein than Aw Koombe himself. Look at what their headlines and jargons are. “Mad-madow safarka Madax-weynaha” “Rayaale isagaa iska soo roogey”. “Madahweinaha diplomaasi maaha. Aniga banaanka” .And so on and so on and so forth. I do not understand why the Kulmiye leadership acts like a group egg laying creatures whenever the President and his team take the spear and seize the theatre of the world stage with thunder and lightening that make the great world players hard to ignore the reality and the place of honor that Somaliland has among the progressive nations of the world.! ! I wonder! I wonder why KULMIYE gets jumpy like chittery cats in these joyful times. It could only be explained by the oldest of all human instincts. JEALOUSY!! I am telling them here…. Guys, gow up will you please.!! I mean emotion-wise!!! Politics of jealousy and sabotage will take no one nowhere.

Here we are talking about the British Parliament and its Prime Minister, the White House Security Branch, the Pentagon, the State. I am warning my friends in the KULMIYE party to be careful about their words when the national issues like recognition are at stake. We know how some of them ran away to Mogadishu when they lost the election. I am afraid that by rejoicing the same way as the Southerners did, they are putting themselves at the wrath of the Somaliland public, something that I do not want to happen to them. Naturally I would like the Kulmiye party to be defeated in the ballot box, I just can not stand someone despising them. Nevertheless, I am afraid that is the bath that they are following. Someone who can not manage his feelings, can never manage the destiny of a country.

Mohamud Tani, Canada

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