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Somali man faces city centre sex assault charge

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Somali man faces city centre sex assault charge


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By Charles Heslett

Leeds, UK, 25 January 2008 - Somali man appeared in court charged with sexually assaulting a 18-year-old student after allegedly trapping her in his car in Leeds city centre.

Mustafa Botan, who Leeds Magistrates' Court was told is from Somalia in east Africa but then lived in Denmark for 12 years before coming to England, is charged with sexual assault by touching and false imprisonment.

Immigration Officials are now looking into the background of the 36-year-old who had a translator by his side throughout the hearing yesterday.

The charges relate to an alleged attack on the student, who cannot be named, in New York Street around 2.45am on Tuesday.

Anthony Sugare, defending, successfully had reporting restrictions lifted so an appeal for an unidentified man who was also at the scene could be made. David Hurlstone, prosecuting, said Botan approached the young woman, who had been on a night out, and began talking to her. He then allegedly forced her into the front seat of his car and, having locked the doors, suggested having sex. Botan, of Harehills Lane, Harehills, then tried to kiss her, and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Botan was remanded in custody to appear at Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post


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