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Death of Somali Nationalism and Emergence of Siadist ends

Issue 315
Front Page

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Food for thought


Death of Somali Nationalism and Emergence of Siadist ends

What are the problems of somaliland’s national audit office and their possible solutions?

The Clan Rivalry Among Somalis Must End!

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Adan Moomin

Birth of Siadism

Siadism, which I will define momentarily, is borrowed from the Majeerteen concept that Power and Authority of the Somali Republic shall always remain in the hands of the Majeerteen clan. This obscene arrogance developed into full blown chauvinistic dogma as aptly illustrated by the Majeerteenian cliché, “Intii madax madaw iyo majeerteen baa siman.” Which, paraphrased, means: “Majeerteens are so numerous their number is equal to that of all black Africans.” This concept of keeping power within the clan radiated very well with Siad Barreh who over time consolidated power for himself and his immediate family employing a group of his most trusted cronies who, like him, were communists in the Somali Socialist Revolutionary Council (SSRC). These trusted functionaries were placed in the most important departments of his government including the dreaded National Security Services (NSS), Justice, the Treasury, Foreign Affairs and Commerce. Siadism can, therefore, appositely be defined as bigoted hegemonic lust for power in the name of a clan – Majeerteen clan and other minorities of similar genre. Siad indeed met his fate and died a poor refugee in a distant inhospitable land – Nigeria.

A corruptive festive past

Because power had been centralized in Barreh’s hands during the first 10 years (1969-1979) of his reign, the few existing political institutions functioned principally as an extension of his personal rule. Behind this rapacious measure was a corruptive festive living that rejoiced on death and confiscation of private property. This hideous indictment has become a disgraceful record and the boggy man that fills guilt and shame in the collective hearts of the Siadists.

But while the Siadists have finally succumbed to the undeniable truth about the war crimes and the genocide committed against Somalilanders during his reign of terror, they are still trapped in that totalitarian mindset as most of them were formerly communists who believe a totalitarian state is the one and only way to re-accumulate power.

Somalia and the death of Somali nationalism

Look at Somalia today and see the cultural transformation where every man has become trapped in pursuit of Siadist ends – lust for clan power - to be the king and the rightful embezzler of the country’s treasury. They see the presidency or premiership as a right to loot the state. The same is true for the ministers, parliamentarians, governors and district commissioners. They are repellently amoral and have no sense of dignity. What makes this particular state of affairs galling is that the public too has internalized this corrupt practice as something the clan in power has the rightful inheritance to exercise this loathsome practice.

Wardheernews’s gadflies and their empty unity mask

The irony here is that the pseudo-internet-intellectuals cum-internet-warlords at Wardheernews.com who usually drape themselves in the garbs of Somali unity have yet to denounce the ethnic cleansing and genocide that is perpetrated against the residents of Mogadishu where even the UN acknowledges the internal displacement of more than half a million citizens from that city. All this is committed by non other than Abdillahi Yussuf who is from Majeerteenia and his functionaries including characters like Mohamed dheere, Qaybdiid and others. For NSPU “unity” is an empty naked clannish mask. It can not point to a single press release to acknowledge the massacres of civilians in Mogadishu. The reason is very simple. It is because they are not of the same clan as those from Mogadishu but on the other hand they were engaged in making press releases and being vocal after the administration of Las Anod relinquished its association with the Puntland administration and reclaimed its rightful place in Somaliland. NSPU which uses a multitude of other names is relentlessly vocal and is engaged in conspiring fanciful revisionist history and other fabrications. What it fails to understand is that their target audience – policy makers and pundits – have access to the real unadulterated history and other classified and non-classified documented information.

Somaliland an oasis of peace and happiness

Ahmed Abdi Haabsade, the brilliant maverick politician who brought Las Anod into the fold told the BBC in an interview the reason he joined Somaliland is because the conditions that lead to our departure in the first place are no longer relevant as Somaliland progressed into a democratic state where every citizen has an equal shot to lead and pursue happiness.

Infact his remark is highly pertinent as his earlier departure was a blessing in disguise in the sense that it fortified the unity and tolerance of Somalilanders. A quote from Thomas Jefferson elucidates this as follows: “I hold it, that a little rebellion now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical … It is a medicine for the sound health of government.” (Thomas Jefferson letter to James Madison January 30, 1787)

Somaliland a show case for Islamic democracy

Somaliland is a stable and an emerging democratic state that needs the support and investment of the West to make its mark felt as a shining example of what a democratic Islamic state ought to be. It is a vital U.S ally and a bulwark in the battle against terror and radicalism. Its goal is to be a tolerant state that respects international values and does not breed radicalism. Its citizens collectively created the institutions of governance from scratch and fully understand and support democratic principles. For them the stakes are too high to let democracy be suppressed by radicalism and its inherent agents of terrorism.

On the other hand Somalia is an anarchic state with an active AlQaida inspired group known as Al Shabab. What is appalling about Somalia is the endemic and predatory Siadist culture of entitlement where there is no sense of leadership at any level. That culture can not be changed.


Somaliland is an oasis of peace and happiness while Somalia is a place engulfed in a perpetual war for clan hegemonic supremacy. Somaliland should never be wheedled to renegotiate a union with Somalia for its obvious importance to the war on terror. Any attempt to cajole Somaliland to form a union with Somalia will result in the expansion of the Al Shabab not only in Somalia but also in Somaliland because the people of Somaliland will be compelled to fight for their sovereignty and any help from Al Shabab, who are known to prey on vulnerable people, will not be turned down. They will feel they have nothing to lose and that the world is against them creating more terrorists in the process. Somalilanders will encourage chaos and will engage in gorilla fighting. On the other hand if Somaliland is recognized its citizens will do everything to help fight terrorism. They will allow the U.S to set up bases in Berbera and other places in the country and will work closely with their new ally to help win the battle against terror and radicalism.

Somalia is an anarchic state where its citizens lost any confidence in a legitimate government. The warlords have brought them nothing but misery. The elites have either been eliminated or have abandoned the country long ago and are consigned as powerless observers in foreign lands. The clan elders have become repulsively corrupt and everyone is out to enrich himself at the expense of his clan. This relentless pursuit of Siadist ends is the reality that ultimately resulted in the death of Somali nationalism.

Adan Moomin


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