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The Historic Meeting between the Somaliland Cross-parliamentary members and UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group

Issue 316
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Somaliland Cross-parliamentary members and UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group

London, February 9, 2008 (SL. Times) - The Somaliland Cross-parliamentary Group (CPG) which consists of 15 members has met with the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wednesday the 6 th of February 2007 at the House of Commons. APPG composed of politicians from all political parties including members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The representative of APPG consists of RH Mr. Allum Michael MP, RH Mrs. Kerry McCarty, RH Mr. Clive Betts, and Lord Anderson. Also Mark Malloch-Brown the minister for Africa was presented in the meeting.

Other honorable guests invited and present in the meeting included, all the three national Parties namely, UDUB, Kulmiye and UCID. Non-governmental organizations, such as Somaliland Focus Group, Progressio, Academy of Science and Development (AOSAD), Somaliland Society Europe, Somaliland Democratic Network, Anglo-Somali Society, Somaliland International Recognition Action Group (SIRAG) and West London Somaliland Community and others.

The CPG express gratitude to the APPG for facilitating this meeting for visiting Somaliland last year. The CPG representatives have welcomed the dialog and holding such meetings in order to take the Somaliland issues to the appropriate international audience to seek that long awaited recognition. The CPG members have solicited the UK government to take forward the recent bilateral developments in Somaliland both the previous meetings with the President Mr. Dahir Rayaale and his delegation and the current meeting today, particularly the Prime Minister Brown’s pledges to support Somaliland both in technical reconstruction efforts and maintenance democratic institutions in Somaliland.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown expressed his appreciation of the arrival of Somaliland’s CPG members and their acceptance of the invitation in order continues the British Government’s historical ties with Somaliland.

Lord Mocullacham has emphasized the fact that UK Government has rewarded Somaliland’s democracy with 40% of the Aid to former Somalia, approximately 8 Million goes to Somaliland to continue in strengthening the democratic efforts and in building necessary the institutions.

In addition the Lord has echoed sense of concerns over the growing terrorism movements in the neighbouring Southern parts of Somalia and the current upsurge of ships abducted by pundits of Puntland. He continue to argue that the UK’s current position of the issue of recognition is that recognition must first be supported by members of the African States and in this UK government shall endeavor to support Somaliland by engaging with African states.

However, the successful implementation of democratic principles in Somaliland is a remarkable by any standards and must be applauded. Furthermore, Human rights organizations, pressure groups and other international organizations are relatively monitoring and have an eye with interest the Somaliland progressive steps. Therefore it is crucial to maintain the high standards set you have set your selves.

Allum Michael has reverberated and commended the Somaliland, its Citizens and Parties in making what Somaliland is today. Michael has informed the members about the recent visit to Somaliland by the APPG and follow on report which is due to be submitted to the Government. The report contains the success stories of Somaliland in terms elections and the need for infrastructure assistance in Roads, Port of Berbera and Communications development in Somaliland

Several questions were put to the APPG by audience and participants in terms of need for the UK to support Somaliland.

Indeed, this was a historic meeting and the conclusions which can be drawn from this meeting are that Somaliland has overcame many obstacles and barriers, however, it seems that further tests remained. The APPG signified that everything rests on the maintenance of the democratic principles and upholding the rule of law. Particularly, the world is waiting in anticipation the upcoming presidential elections due in August 2008. In conclusion, it seems that Somaliland has attracted the eyes of the key international players and at last full international recognition is on the verge.

by Dr. Osman Warsame

Source: Somaliland Times

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