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Aid Worker Given a Hero’s Welcome in Erigabo Following His Release

Issue 317
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Aid Worker Given a Hero’s Welcome in Erigabo Following His Release

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German hostage, Daniel Bronkal

Erigabo, Somaliland, February 16, 2008 (SL Times) – Following his release from captivity in a raid by Somaliland security forces on Tuesday evening, German aid worker Daniel Bronkal was given a hero’s welcome as he returned to Erigabo on Wednesday.

Bronkal who worked for the German Agro Action organization was kidnapped by 5 gunmen on last Tuesday morning while he traveled in the Sanag region.

He remained captive for about 12 hours before being freed by the Somaliland police.

The former hostage spoke to reporters after arriving in Erigabo to give the following account of the events of his kidnapping and rescuing:

“5 armed men with AK47’s appeared at the roadside out of nowhere and began spraying our vehicle with bullets. My driver was hit in the leg and the vehicle came to an abrupt stop. My colleagues managed to escape from the armed men but I was captured and then blindfolded, put inside another waiting vehicle and was whisked away.

We traveled east for roughly two hours when the vehicle began to have mechanical problems and abandoned it. They told me to get out of the vehicle and start walking. They took me up into the mountains and we came to a nomadic family and they told me to make myself comfortable on the ground, because, we were going to sleep for the night in this place. They brought me some food to eat from the family nearby and then told me to sleep.

Throughout the time I was in their captivity, they kept asking nearby nomads directions to a place called Harshaw.

In the early hours of the morning we suddenly heard an avalanche of gun fire being fired at our direction. They could not fire back and realizing that they could not fight back they ran away. And soon after they ran away, Somaliland uniformed policemen saw me hiding in a trench and told me not to worry. I could hardly believe it. It was very emotional for me.

I was even more moved by the number of people who came out to greet me when we reached Karin village. At that moment, seeing great many of the people I knew in Erigabo coming out to Karin to give me a hero’s welcome and the women folk singing and waving branches of fresh tree leaves. I cried, not able to hold back the tears of joy and delight in seeing again those people I have known and worked with.

I was then escorted back to Erigabo. The whole town came out to welcome me. I will never forget this experience and the goodwill of the people of Erigabo and its surroundings. Nor can I forget the bravery and courage of Somaliland’s security forces”.

Source: Somaliland Times

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