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Issue 318 / 23rd February 2008
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Government Ends Short Arab Hunting Expedition Amid Local Concerns

The Letter That Set The Stage For The 1988 Genocide Of The Isaaqs

Somaliland President Delighted With His First Visit To The Arab World

Kosova’s Independence Sets Precedent

France To Fund Cultural Activities In Somaliland

Interview With KULMIYE Party’s Shadow Secretary For Foreign Affairs

In Kenya's peace process, devils in the details

The Forgotten Country

The "New Strategy" For Somalia Collapses

Ethiopian Gen. 'slaps Somali President'

Kenya can't solve it alone

Extension of Peace Mission's Mandate Not Enough, Says Somali Government

Aids, oil and Africom on Bush tour

Regional Affairs

Somalia's former Prime Minister summoned to Ethiopia

Ethiopia Troops Arrive in Central Region, Fighting Rocks in Afgoi

Somaliland: President Kahin Accuses Puntland Of Aid Worker's Abduction

Special Report

International News

Fayed Says UK Royals Wanted To "Get Rid Of" Diana

US to Work to Prevent Kosovo Backlash

Shining light on business achievements


Somaliland Cultural Sites Remain Little Known Outside East Africa

The King of Kush reigns in Edmonton’s vibrant ‘Little Mogadishu’

Under Fire in Kenya?

Africa Wins One

Bush in Africa: It’s all about controlling wealth

Specialist Task Force On Pastoral Policy For Africa Gathers In Addis Ababa 19 To 20 February 2008

Fallout over airport prayer space exposes deep tensions

How to solve a Problem like Auschwitz

Somalia - Annual Report 2008

Giving Peace A Chance: Rotary Announces New Class Of World Peace Fellows

Food for thought


Struggle For Kulmiye Party Nomination In Full Speed

Democracy Requires Tracking Government Policies And Correcting Discrepancies

A Message To Southern Somalia

Wearisome Time For The Emerging Nation Of Somaliland

Somaliland Should Now Be Recognized After Kosovo

UDUB Needs To Learn From Sillanyo

Prof. Ali M. Gedi, former Somali PM

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Feb 22 2008 - The former Prime Minister of Somalia's transitional government, Prof. Ali Mohamed Gedi, flew unexpectedly to the Ethiopian capital Wednesday amid much speculation.

Gedi retained his position as Somali legislator after resigning from the Prime Minister's office last October and maintains close relations with Ethiopian government leaders, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, February 22, 2008 - Hundreds of Ethiopian troops with more than 25 vehicles have reached in Dhuso-mareb district of Galgadud region central Somalia on Friday witnesses said.

The soldiers left there have pulled out from Hiran region and made passage in Guri-el ward towards Dhuso mareb.

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Hargeysa, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 – The president of the republic of Somaliland, Dahir Riyale Kahin, and a delegation he is leading departed from the country's capital, Hargeysa on Sunday, for a trip to Ethiopia. Before flying from the airport, the president addressed the media at the presidency. He spoke about the terrorist act in which the head of Germany Agro, Daniel Bronkel, was abducted in Ruqay locality, which is situated between Erigavo town and Maydh District [in Sanaag Region].

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23 February 2008

Ambassador Liu Guijin, the Chinese government's special representative on Darfur, has defended China's policy on Sudan in a speech to Chatham House, the respected international affairs body in London.

"The Chinese government and people are deeply concerned about the Darfur issue and wholly sympathetic towards the suffering of local people," he said.

BEIJING, Feb. 22 2008 - For the first time U.S. President George W. Bush said recently his country would not seek to build new military bases in Africa, nor will it set up headquarters for the command on African soil, amid overwhelmingly strong opposition from African countries.


Speaking in Ghana on the fourth leg of a five-nation African tour, Bush said the U.S. military command for Africa (Africom) created last year was intended to help African leaders solve the continent's crises, not boost the U.S. military presence there.

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Djibouti, February 22, 2008 – A company owned by Osama Bin Laden's half-brother has proposed building a bridge across Mandab Strait on the Red Sea, to link Djibouti to Yemen.

Tarek Bin Laden Construction is negotiating with the two governments about plans for the 28.5km bridge - one of the longest in the world.

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The Security Council today extended for another six months the African Union-led mission in Somalia, which has been helping the war-wracked country that has not had a functioning government since 1991 to achieve national reconciliation and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

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US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

Nairobi, Kenya, 24 February 2008 - The secret details of the high-level meetings US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held with President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga in her few hours of diplomacy in Nairobi can be revealed today.

Dr Rice was once described as a “young lady who exhibited something very special” in 1986 when she served as an intern with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. The fast pace of the talks in the past week can now be attributed to her one-day shuttle diplomacy last Monday.

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Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia Feb 23 2008 - At least four soldiers with the Ethiopian armed forces deployed in Somalia were killed Saturday after their water truck was ambushed by suspected insurgents, witnesses said.

The group of attackers used assault rifles during the ambush, which caught the Ethiopian soldiers "by surprise," according to one witness.

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23 February 2008

The African Network of Women Peace Negotiators--founded by Africa's first ladies and female heads of state--was formed on Feb. 15 to reduce conflict and restore peace across the continent during a peace mission meeting in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville, U.N. news agency IRIN reported.

"Brazzaville will be the starting point of action of women for peace on the continent," said the first lady of Chad, Hinda Deby Itno. "Unlike men, who are the first to set them off, we have the opportunity and means to extinguish all these hotbeds of tension and crisis in our country."

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Garowe, Somalia, 19 February 2008 - Five suspects detained last week in connection with the kidnapping of a foreign-born aid worker in northern Somalia were "born in Somaliland regions," according to a press statement released by the Puntland Ministry of Information.

The statement was signed by Puntland Information Minister Abdirahman Bangah and released on Tuesday, two days after Somaliland President Dahir Riyale said the kidnapping was planned in Puntland.

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Main Developments

22 February 2008 - Major search for arms in the main market in Mogadishu, Bakara, triggered heavy fighting this week between Ethiopian/Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and anti-government elements. Following the fighting on 18 and early hours of 19 February, at least seven people died including three civilians and several others were wounded. Fresh fighting broke out again on 21 February with about five casualties reported.

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Nairobi, Kenya, 19 February 2008 - Armed troops raided and looted the country's largest open-air market in the capital, Mogadishu, on 19 February, local sources said.

"They took anything their vehicles could carry or tow," Ali Muhammad Siad, the chairman of Bakara market traders, told IRIN.

Ivorian rebel soldiers drive up the road north of Daloa to their base in Vavoua, in this November, 30, 2002 photo. Photos/FILE

In this second part of our State of the Nation series, Saturday NATION correspondent Tony Eluemunor writes that Kenya can learn from the experiences of Cote d’Ivoire that small concessions made in mediated talks are as important as the big ones, and that it is possible to reverse the descent into political hell.

Mogadishu, Somalia, 20 February 2008 - One person died and five others wounded in a fighting stuck between the government armed forces occurred in Elasha-biyaha area of Afgoi district 30km from the capital on Wednesday residents said.

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UAE nationals escorted by police (in backseat) out of Bulahar district in Sahil region

Berbera, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 (SL Times) – The Somaliland government has prematurely ended an Arab hunting expedition in Sahil region when it emerged that the hunting party had travelled outside the government permitted hunting zone.

The expedition was organised by wealthy nationals from United Arab Emirates and numbered 10 people. The hunt consisted of using falconry birds to hunt down small prey and shooting large wild game (gazelles) in Sahil region.

General Mohamed Saeed Morgan in Nairobi, attending the 2004 Somali peace conference held in Embagati in Kenya

Hargeysa, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 (Haatuf) – In the year 1987 the northern regions of Somalia (present day Somaliland) were still part of a wider country called the Somali Democratic Republic and ruled by Siyad Barre, a military-General-turned president who came to power some 18 years earlier through a coup ditat. Or so it seemed, theoretically at least, to the outside world then. In reality however, those so-called northern regions were being treated at the time as forcibly annexed and occupied territories.

President Dahir Rayale Kahin

ABU DHABI , 21 Feb. 2008--Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin and his delegation left here early Thursday after a successful 5-day unofficial visit to the United Arab Emirates at the invitation of Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister and President of the UAE Red Crescent Society (RCS). They were expected to fly with Ethiopian Airline to Addis Ababa from Dubai Airport. The delegation has entered the UAE with Somaliland passports.

Declaration of independence by Kosova's parliament last Sunday

February 18, 2008 – As the world’s nations contemplate whether to recognize Kosova’s newly declared independence, many wonder what it will mean for other similar regions, such as Abkhazia, Taiwan, and Northern Cyprus, for international law, and for the definition of self determination in general.

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Hargeysa, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 (SL Times) – French diplomats who visited Somaliland earlier this week had disclosed that they were interested in improving cultural ties with Somaliland through the French speaking community here.

Thierry Choinier, 1st Secretary at the French embassy in Djibouti, told the Somaliland Times that a number of projects including the development of the teaching and learning of French language in Somaliland will be implemented with French support.

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Dr. Ahmed Hussein Essa

Hargeysa, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 (SL Times) – The KULMIYE Opposition Party’s Shadow Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Hussein Essa was interviewed in Hargeysa earlier this week by Mohamed Abdi Mohamed (Ilig), a freelance Journalist from Somaliland.

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U.S. President George W. Bush toasts during a State Dinner at the State Banquet Hall in Accra, Ghana, February 20, 2008.

ACCRA, Ghana,   Feb 20, 2008— The United States does not seek military bases in Africa and is not a fierce competitor with China on the African continent, President George W. Bush said February 20 in Accra, Ghana, during a joint news conference with Ghana's President John Kufuor.

The purpose of U.S. Africa Command is to help leaders provide African solutions for African problems, Bush said.

"I know there's a controversial subject brewing around that's not very well understood, and that's: 'Why would America stand up what's called AFRICOM?'" Bush told reporters during his five-nation visit to Africa.

By Scott A. Morgan

February 21, 2008 – On the evening of his planned week long state visit to Africa, the President of the United States made an announcement that some have felt should have been made sooner. President Bush announced that he will be sending the Secretary of State to Nairobi to determine what role if any, the US can play in restoring stability to the country after the results of the controversial December elections. This is not the first time there has been an American effort to broker a deal.

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Written by East Africa PI  

According to the recent legislation passed by the parliament; Somaliland Citizens are required to be registered in order to be eligible to vote in the elections; beginning on July 2008 local elections and the August 2008 Presidential elections.


By Steve Atkinson

It is intriguing that the United Kingdom, amongst others, has been so quick to recognize Kosovan independence, despite the objections of two members of the United Nations Security Council.

Whilst there is no doubt a good case for Kosovan independence, there was an assumption that UK foreign policy adhered to the principle that to recognize “breakaway” states was to open a pandoras box- it would give encouragement to myriad independence factions, and destabilize the international order.

Somali Prime minister-Nur 'Adde' Hassan Hussien

Report Drafted By: Dr. Michael A. Weinstein

On January 9, Somalia's new prime minister, Nur "Adde" Hassan Hussein introduced his second cabinet to the country's transitional parliament. His first cabinet list, which was long, contained many holdovers from his predecessor Ali Mohamed Gedi's administration, and was meant to appease myriad clan factions, had failed to win sufficient support due to complaints about clan representation and the resistance of Western donor powers, which had insisted that Hussein appoint a streamlined cabinet containing "technocrats" from outside parliament who would provide more effective and less corrupt administration, and would be positioned as reconcilers of Somalia's complex web of conflicts.

Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed

Mogadishu, Somalia, 22 February 2008 - Ethiopian General Gabre Had has slapped Somalia's interim President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed twice on the face, officials say.

The row between President Yusuf Ahmed and Gen. Heard started after the president accused the army general of disobeying the orders given by the Somali government, a Somali official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Press TV correspondent in Mogadishu.

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International help to end the crisis is not meddling but a moral duty, and our leaders must embrace it

By Wangari Maathai

22 February2008

The post-election crisis in Kenya remains unresolved. The damage being done to the country's economy is severe: tourism, horticulture, and other industries that depend on trade beyond the Kenyan border are reeling. Thousands of livelihoods, along with investments throughout the region, are threatened and collapsing.

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Nairobi, Kenya, 21 February - Somalia's transitional government has welcomed a resolution by the UN Security Council authorising a six-month extension for African Union (AU) peacekeepers but said more needed to be done to restore peace and stability to the war-torn country.

"The government of course welcomes the extension but the UN Security Council decision does not go far enough," Abdi Haji Gobdon, the government spokesman, told IRIN on 21 February. "Only a much stronger and robust UN force can make a difference to the Somali situation."

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President Bush poses with Rwandan dancers at the US embassy in Kigali, Rwanda (19/02/2008)

Mr Bush visited five African countries during his tour

Liberia, 21 February 2008 - For a president whose foreign policy has been dominated by Iraq, this visit was a chance for George W Bush to show the world what he calls his mission of mercy - trying to rid Africa of HIV/Aids and Malaria.

International News
Mohamed al-Fayed (R) waves to journalists as he arrives for the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed, at the High Court in London February 18, 2008.

LONDON, 18 February 2008 - Luxury storeowner Mohamed al-Fayed said on Monday the death of Princess Diana and his son Dodi in a 1997 Paris car crash was murder and accused the British royal family of wanting to "get rid" of Diana. In an emotional appearance at the inquest into their deaths, al-Fayed accused Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband and Diana's former father-in-law, of being a "Nazi" and a "racist."

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, February 17, 2008 — President Bush said Sunday the U.S. will work to prevent violent clashes following Kosovo's declaration of independence. His administration withheld immediate comment on the historic announcement as the province sought swift recognition by the United States.

"The United States will continue to work with our allies to do the very best we can to make sure there's no violence," Bush said several hours before Kosovo's parliament approved a declaration of independence from Serbia.

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Marco Abdi owner of La Brezza Ristorante in Calgary

Ontario, Canada, 22 February 2008 - Chances are, not many Canadian business people have heard of Thornton Blackburn and his wife Lucie.

Escaped slaves from Kentucky, the Blackburns started Toronto's first horse-drawn cab company in 1837, while helping other freed and fugitive American slaves restart their lives and trades in the safety of Upper Canada.

Somaliland Map
Map of Somaliland

In isolation, the visit of Somaliland’s President Dahir Rayale Kahin to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) would seem to be a minor event. For one thing, the visit was unofficial. Second, it was not even mentioned by the United Arab Emirates’ media. But when you consider all the efforts that Arab countries have exerted, for the last seventeen years, in trying to isolate Somaliland, this small event takes a bigger significance. If nothing else, it is a tacit admission on the part of the UAE’s rulers, or by some members of the UAE’s ruling elite, that the policy of isolating Somaliland has not worked, and perhaps it is time to try something different.

There are several factors which support the perception that President Kahin’s visit may be signaling a change in the UAE’s policy toward Somaliland:

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Special Report

By Prof. M. Y. Ali In this paper, seismic, well, and outcrop data have been used to determine the petroleum systems of Somaliland. These data demonstrate that the country has favourable stratigraphy, structure, oil shows, and hydrocarbon source rocks.


In November 2005, the Centre for Human Rights began investigating the possibility of a third destination for the LLM field trip. The reasons for increasing the number of field trip destinations to include Somaliland include the following: Somaliland is a state in the making; it would be ideal for students on the programme to have a first hand experience of this.

By Adan H Iman, Los Angeles, USA

The Chairman of Kulmiye Party, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Sillanyo, recently made it clear that he did not tolerate competition for the party nomination. The first message came when he asserted in VOA interview that Dr. Ahmed Hussein Essa, his rival for the party nomination, was not one of the founders of Kulmiye implying that he (Dr.Essa) is not entitled to be the party nominee for President and that only the founding members are entitled for this position.

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By Ibrahim Adam Ghalib, Borama.

Generally civic society and the private sector in this country operate under a climate of conflict and socio-economic fragmentation. The administration is intrusive and the degree of controls that the government imposes to these organizations is very great. The power base of the administration is very narrow and it is hard to get any general policy based recommendations through.

By Adam Mohamed Egeh “Mardaadi”

The quest for international recognition is practically legit, as it is known world wide that Somaliland historically existed as a separate country with internationally recognized borders. It gained its independence on June 26, 1960 and existed for five days as a sovereign state. Somaliland voluntarily entered a union with southern Somalia on July 1, 1960. During that time, the sentiment of nationalism were all time high and Somalilanders were so enamored with the idea of bringing all ethnic Somali speaking communities under one nation (NFD, Djibouti and Ogaden).

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Wearisome Time For The Emerging Nation Of Somaliland

By Abdirahim Ali Xarbi, Toronto, Canada

This is truly a difficult period for the Republic of Somaliland. Although not yet recognized by the world body as such, it is a young nation that is trying to materialize in a region filled with political instability, undemocratic regimes, and prolonged civil discontent and struggles. In the midst of these calamities the people of Somaliland have taken profound steps forward in opting for stability over war and decided in their own terms to march towards a path that leads to more stable democracy.

By Abdullahi Dool

Clan names are not a crime, but they belong to another era. The Somali nation has come a long way from the nomadic life in the open savannah. What defines our modern society are its nationhood and common identity. In the civil war era, there were no leaders to discourage division. The leadership of a nation is about promoting harmony, strengthening social cohesion and looking after all the people and their interests. To emerge out of the era of disintegration and dysfunction, one of the things we need to discourage is the use of clan names.

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By Hassan Yusuf Ahmed

Ref; Hot on the heels of Kosovo Somaliland should now be recognized internationally.

Recently an official of   an International   NGO, German Agro Action, was kidnapped by some barbarian gunmen who demanded to be paid ransom. In the process of firing at his car, this uncouth gang shot and wounded his official driver. It all happened in Somaliland. This is almost   a daily occurrence in Somalia along with its province called Puntland.

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By Guled Ismail

The recent hullabaloo surrounding Sillanyo’s meeting with Jendayi Frazer, the US Undersecretary of State for Africa, demonstrated yet again UDUB government’s complete lack of understanding of the role of opposition in a multi-party democracy.

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U.S. President George W. Bush (L) and Benin's President Thomas Boni Yayi take part in an arrival ceremony at Cadjehoun International Airport in Cotonou, Benin, Feb. 16, 2008.
Somaliland Zelia historical site turned into rubble

Zeila, Somaliland, February 23, 2008 – Somaliland is a relatively new east African republic that broke away from Somalia in 1991 and is still not recognized internationally as independent. But it is a land ripe with historical treasure, including the town of Zeila on the Gulf of Aden and the rock paintings at Las Geel. Cathy Majtenyi takes a look at these major, yet little known, landmarks of human history.

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He’s five-foot-middling, mild mannered, a restaurateur, a social-entrepreneur, a community activist and a decades-long crusader for international development. His name is Mohammed Maie. To me, he’s the King of Kush.

Back in 1994, I began observing with awe the transformation of 107th Avenue into the city’s Ethiopian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Somali neighborhood. Riffing on Biblical geo-names, I baptized the area “ Kush,” plastering it all over the screenplay I was writing which later became my first published novel, The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad.

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African officers studying at the IPSTC in Nairobi, Kenya

KENYA, 15 February 2008 - Whether one supports the current president, Mwai Kibaki, whose claim to victory is contested by his opponents, or the chief of the opposition, Raila Odinga, it’s clear that what started out as a wave of protests has grown into an insurrection movement. Add to that the strong ethnic polarization in each camp, and the stage is set for violence to escalate.

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Mbeki spearheaded opposition against AFRICOM

The United States’ plans to create AFRICOM, a so-called U.S. Africa command, collapsed in ruin today with the announcement that the Americans will maintain the base in Germany.

It’s a resounding victory for Africa, thanks primarily to South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki. He was vociferous in denouncing Washington’s plans. He had also urged other African leaders to reject American military designs on Africa.

Pres. George Bush

21 February 2008 By Dennis Laumann Behind the smiling faces and rhetoric about “a mission of mercy,” lies the true agenda of Pres. George Bush’s five-nation trip across Africa: keeping American interests secure.

While some American observers may be seduced by images of Bush surrounded by cheering crowds, the president who initiated two wars and presided over the establishment of torture facilities around the world,

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Addis Ababa/Nairobi, 18 February 2008 - A high-level group of experts on pastoral issues and policies from across Africa will meet for the first time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 19 and 20 February 2008 to lay the groundwork for the formulation of an Africa Pastoral Policy Framework.

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Awil Aden, from Somalia, takes a few moments to complete his midday prayer outdoors next to the airport building that was closed to taxi and shuttle drivers in January. Behind him, fellow cabbies gather for lunch.

Salt Lake City, US, 23 February 2008 - In the aftermath of 9/11, Pete Dixon's job changed. The then-new airport express shuttle driver said he found himself, with other Christians, standing as a human wall between praying Muslim cabbies and the traffic that sped by them.

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By Hussein Al-alak

23 February 2008 - If you ’re even contemplating the possibility of voting Labour in either a local or national election and are looking to divert attention away from imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction, the murder of one million Iraqi ’s as a consequence of the British and American invasion, then sending British children to the concentration camp Auschwitz is the way to do it.

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Africa’s deadliest country for journalists, which has been without a stable government since 1991, has had a bleak year. Journalists in Somalia, a country which despite everything has a diverse and robust press, have been targeted by hired killers as well as facing the intolerance of the transitional government.

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EVANSTON, Ill. -- Amid daily headlines of war, suicide bombings, ethnic and religious violence and social unrest emerges some welcome positive news: The Rotary Foundation has named a new class of World Peace Fellows to study peacemaking and conflict resolution at the six Rotary Centers for International Studies located at leading universities in England, Japan, Australia, Argentina, and the United States.

Food for thought

By Zachary Hubbard

This month, a year after President Bush’s so-called “surge” plan for Iraq began, even some of the surge’s greatest skeptics have had to admit it is succeeding.

The plan called for introducing an additional 20,000 American troops into troubled areas of Baghdad and al Anbar Province to improve security. Security incidents in those areas have decreased significantly since the surge began.


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