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How to solve a Problem like Auschwitz

Issue 318
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By Hussein Al-alak

23 February 2008 - If you ’re even contemplating the possibility of voting Labour in either a local or national election and are looking to divert attention away from imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction, the murder of one million Iraqi ’s as a consequence of the British and American invasion, then sending British children to the concentration camp Auschwitz is the way to do it.

In a plan issued by the modern equivalent of the NAZI Party, the British Government is planning to invest money in trips to the concentration camp, to ensure that children gain a ‘ first-hand’ account of life under Labours foreign policies, where ethnic cleansing by death squads, the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, th e mass murder of children killed for no other reason than being Arab, where the construction of walls around areas thus creating Ghettos and their eventual liquidation by ‘allied forces’, is all part of ‘a life-changing experience’ according to Untersturmf uhrer Ed Balls, who is also Britain ’s Schools Secretary.

The plan has been attacked by the Conservatives, who have claimed that a few days in Auschwitz Camp is nothing more than a ‘gimmick’, when you also consider the fact that a year ago, the United Nati ons attacked the British Government for its failure to British youth and stated that British children are at a greater risk to drug abuse, alcoholism and Britain has the highest rates of teenage pregnancies.

The report also included the fact that there is an increasing number of young people leaving the British education system, without the basic and the necessary skills needed to benefit them when entering the work place but also pointed out the fact there is an increase in illiteracy among British children, which will put them at a disadvantage when reading either Schindlers List or the Diary of Anne Frank.

But it appears that the Labour Party, whose backward looking ‘perspective’ on human rights ends at the ‘Work Brings Freedom’ sign, which hangs above the camps gates, when they gave a visa which allowed Sheikh Zagani of the Mehdi Army to enter to the United Kingdom, to give a speech to an anti-war rally in 2006, an army which boasts to be cleansing ‘Iraq of sexual perverts’ by killing Lesbians and Gays and is claimed to have even put unmarried people under surveillance for ‘suspected homosexuality’.

The ‘freedom’ which Labour has brought to Iraq, also includes the rounding up of the poor, the mentally ill, the homeless and Iraq’s Vichy regime are even p lanning to liquidate the country by starving people to death, in a Bergen Belsen styled campaign by eliminating the ration system in June 2008, on the grounds that the liquidation is ‘in line with the obligations it has made to the World Bank’ but this pub lic final solution has been planned with no consideration from the international community, to the millions of people who are going to perish as a result.

Like the pictures of starving people behind the barbed wire fencing of the various concentration camps in Europe, the British Government has ignored the fact that over 60 % of the Iraqi population lives in poverty and 46% live in Abject Poverty, with an estimated 400,000 Iraqi children suffering from ‘wasting’, which is characterised by chronic diarrhoe a and high deficiencies of protein.

The Arab media have also reported how Iraqi ’s are unable to access health care, partly due to the financial burden but in a scene similar to one depicted in Steven Spielberg’s Schindlers List, hospitals and health worke rs have also become targets and the hunting ground for sectarian death squads, where under the noses of British and American Troops, sick people have been dragged out of their beds and indiscriminately murdered.

When the British and American forces entered Iraq, one of the first changes made was the De-Baathification law, which in contradiction to international law immediately made millions of Iraqis unemployed and unemployable, a law which witnessed the disbanding of Iraq ’s Army, civilian bodies and other essential services because the country had been governed by the Ba ’ath Party, which unlike the Labour Party has subsequently witnessed a ‘war crimes’ tribunal and the illegal execution of the head of state.

Whilst the British government have called the critics of its plan to send children to Auschwitz, an ‘insult to the Jewish Community’, for millions of people around the world, this plan is seen as a desperate attempt by Labour to try and gain some ground on its discredited Human Rights record, which sin ce 2003 has seen one million dead Iraqi ’s alone but if the organisation which now runs the Auschwitz camp, wants to retain its credibility as a memorial to those who died in the Holocaust, they need to send a clear message to the British government and tha t message being, war criminals are not.

Source: The Iraq Solidarity Campaign


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