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Somaliland Should Now Be Recognized After Kosovo

Issue 319
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Somaliland Should Now Be Recognized After Kosovo

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By Hassan Yusuf Ahmed

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref; Hot on the heels of Kosovo Somaliland should now be recognized internationally.

Recently an official of   an International   NGO, German Agro Action, was kidnapped by some barbarian gunmen who demanded to be paid ransom. In the process of firing at his car, this uncouth gang shot and wounded his official driver. It all happened in Somaliland. This is almost   a daily occurrence in Somalia along with its province called Puntland. This base, very unfortunate and very regrettable and demeaning behavior is very uncharacteristic of Somaliland, to say the least or so to speak. However, quick action by the Somaliland police and the villagers who moved swiftly and   fully co-operated with the Somaliland authorities, resulted in the prompt rescue of the German official .Let me say, kudos to the Somaliland Government, its disciplined police force and the patriotic villagers   for their collective exceptional courage in standing up for   humanity during that innocent kidnapped official's greatest hour of need. I challenge   Somalia , to emulate Somaliland in this regard so as to minimize or eradicate altogether hijackings, kidnappings and sea piracy. Indeed Somalia's coastline is notorious for being the most dangerous in the whole world.

Somaliland's authorities have since rightly accused Bosaso based terrorists for master-minding, instigating and financing   this unfortunate terror with a view to frustrating Somaliland's legitimate struggle surrounding its international recognition. This healthy spirit by Somaliland is a clear testimony of its affectivity on the war on terror.

Although the break -away Republic of Somaliland   is yet to be recognized internationally ,it has registered many feats, including political stability, positive democratic strides rare in Africa and an enabling ,conducive environment for investors than even many working and internationally recognized countries.

We have just learned that Kosovo has   declared its independence and officially seceded from Serbia and that the US has officially recognized it. Some European countries have pledged to follow suit. This   is   quite in order as Kosovo only became part of Serbia   in 1948 just as Somaliland became part of Somalia in 1960. I now appeal to   the self-same US and others to equally extend the same recognition to Somaliland as well. The time has now come for Somaliland   to be a new member of UN, Commonwealth, AU, Arab League and Islamic countries.

Yours faithfully,

Hassan Yusuf Ahmed, Hargeysa, Somaliland.


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