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The Era of the Coward Warriors

Issue 320
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The Era of the Coward Warriors

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by Abeba Isahac   

6 March 2008

When War broke out between Eritrea and her southern neighbour, the western world and in particular their media were astonished and mesmerized at the way the war was conducted, which was, armed soldiers fighting other armed soldiers, and digging up trenches for shelter.

It was not until the woyane, having lost two rounds, and in their third round of fighting, which was this time tampered with by their western handlers and others, thereby facilitating the occupation of some Eritrean towns, that the abuse of civilians started. But until then, it was a fight of army against army, and nothing to do with civilians. And, it seems to me that it is what wars should be like, if they unfortunately have to take place, and if what the affluent world body is serous when they preach about law and order and human rights.

But nowadays, wars are not about feuding countries, but about killing unarmed innocent women, children and the elderly in order to get to, or catch, one single so-called terrorist or a wanted enemy; this behavior also seems to have become the norm, although it is against all international laws, be it the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention or other war laws that happen to exist in the books. Let alone unarmed civilians, according to war laws, even surrendering soldiers are not to be killed. But who is minding the law these days with UN Secretary Generals the likes of Kofi Annan and Ban-ki-moon who have been hand picked to shut their mouth.

After having seen the United States drop the bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan which burned, killed, disfigured and maimed, physically and emotionally, hundreds of thousands of unarmed innocent civilians, and again, almost sixty years later, repeating the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq in search of Bin laden and Saddam Hussein, this time with their more modern sophisticated missiles which equally killed hundreds of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi women, children and elderly people, it seems as though the world community is still in shock, or it has accustomed itself to take this behavior as the norm for wars, and not the conventional, more humane one, which had been demonstrated in the Eritrean war with her southern neighbour, which the western world and their sensation addicted war happy media, seemed to scoff at, and analogize to a WWI (world war one) primitive style of fighting.

Sometimes, if it means saving innocent lives and lessening human casualties, it is better to stick to old fashioned primitive styles. But it is very discouraging to hear everyday the western media announcing, with pride, how many people America killed in Iraq, and how many their allies killed in Afghanistan.

Today, with all the discarded and second hand American sophisticated nuclear weapons that they get for free, besides the billions of dollars they receive from the USA to buy more, Israel also has started to emulate America by going after wanted Palestinians by air and in the process killing unarmed innocent civilians of women, children and elderly Palestinians. And for those friends of the United States, like the woyane, who do not own such weapons, as we saw just recently being done in Somalia, America will do the dirty job for them. The United States of America have this grandioso feel that they are answerable to no one, and that because they own weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), which they would not allow others to own, they feel like everything they do is justified.

Is this the war of cowards or what ?

May God protect us from the virus of grandiosity and from those thoughtless and reckless nations who have caught it.

Source: Biddho.com Eritrea

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