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NSPU (Or ASSC-S): You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

Issue 326
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NSPU (Or ASSC-S): You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

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By Dalmar Kaahin, Ottawa, Canada

For some "pro-unity" Somali groups-usually one-man organizations-spreading disinformation about Somaliland, disguising their true motives while waving their banner of Somali unity and operating under multiple identities may have had some remotely plausible successes. However, in the case of the NSPU or ASSC-S as its calls itself now, these tactics have been anything but successful.

For example, in one of its latest desperate attempts, the group known as "Northern Somalis for Peace and Unity" NSPU published yet another predictable "article"-the usual regurgitated vomit: "Somaliland this, Somaliland that.blah, blah". But this time it changed its original name from NSPU to ASSC--S: "Awdal, Sool, and Sanaag Coalition against secession ASSC- S". NSPU or ASSC-S: the same load of crap but in a different pile.

And the NSPU noticeably added Awdal region in Somaliland in the list of provinces that "supposedly" oppose Somaliland's quest for independence. Now, realistically, you would assume that the NSPU visited Awadal region and conducted a referendum to conclude the population in that province isn't keen on the idea of independence. But the truth of the matter is: ALL of the NSPU's claims are fabricated while its members conduct their fadhi kudirir (the Somali style of arguing and reaching political solutions at the coffee tables) meetings in the coffee shops in Ottawa, Canada. But what are the latest NSPU's rants about?

In October 15, 2007, Somaliland forces mainly from Dhulbhante tribes uprooted Puntland militias in Las Anod, the capital of Sool province, in Somaliland. The Somaliland forces were led by none other than Dhulbahante commanders, and Mr. Ahmed Habsade-the former Interior Minster of Puntland who suddenly switched allegiance from Puntland to Somaliland, just before the conflict erupted. See the details: http://www.jimmatimes.com/article.cfm?articleID=17256

Now with respect to Las Anod conflict, the NSPU's wrote an article entitled, "Defend Las Anod".   But defend Las Anod from whom? After all, it was none other than Dhulbhante tribes who have decided to rid of Puntland militias, so who should we defend Las Anod from? It was not the Isaaqs who have invaded Sool region as the NSPU likes us to believe. See the NSPU's article: http://www.hiiraan.com/op2/2008/apr/defend_las_anod.aspx

Meanwhile, despite the NSPU's coffee-shop rumors and accusations, the reality on the ground paints a different picture than what this group wants to shove down your throat (i.e. it may not make any sense but take it anyways).

For instance, scores after scores of Puntland militias who hail from Sool region-exclusively members of Dhulbahante tribes-have defected to Somaliland. See the latest renegades: http://afnugaal.com/warka.php?num=5412

Also, some Dhulbhante tribes, namely Jaamac Siyaad has peacefully transferred its heavy weapons including battle tanks to Somaliland forces. See more details: http://afnugaal.com/warka.php?num=5290

Additionally, dozens of Dhulbahante tribal leaders from Sool and Buhoodle regions have extensively traveled to Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland. These tribal delegates held meetings with President Riyale Kahin and his top Ministers. In the end, the elders and the authority agreed on number of things: releasing over 70 Puntland militias that Somaliland forces captured in recent Sool conflicts, creating a new province named Buuhoodle and bringing much needed projects to the communities in those regions. Here is the full report: http://www.afnugaal.com/warka.php?num=5197

So then this begs a number of questions: if-according to the NSPU-Somaliland is occupying Sool region, why on earth would hundreds of troops from that region would join Somaliland? Why Dhulbahante tribes would give up their heavy weapons? And why Dhulbahante elders would continually travel to Hargeysa, hold high level meetings with the authority and demand developments for their regions? This is quite baffling, isn't it? ("Ma anigaa waalan mise Caddan baa laga heesayaa?")

Readers like facts not fictions and certainly they don't like pathological liars who repeatedly make fool out of themselves. Congratulations NSPU cliques! (Next time, I suggest that you fabricate some reasonable BS.)

Yet another important factor to note is: while the elders of Somaliland especially in Sool province are working around the clock to pacify their region and woo the government to improve the livelihood of their population, the NSPU (ASSC-S) makes tireless effort to spur and navigate a tribal war in Somaliland.

For instance, the NSPU (ASSC-S) usually appeals to the population in parts of Sool and Sanaag; more specifically, it appeals to Dhulbahante and Warsangali tribes to rise up against Somaliland. But in its recent divisive and destructive scheme towards the peaceful people of Somaliland, the NSPU appeals to the population in Awdal region (populated by Gadabiirsay tribes) as well; hence the name: Awdal, Sool, Sanaag Coalition against secession ASSC-S comes into play. Dived and put them against one another-Siyadism all over agin! Do old habits die hard? Maybe not! (Gen. Siyad Barre is the Somali dictator who ruled Somalia from 1969 to 1991) But what are the consequences of these tribal warmongering?

Well, you don't even need to read between the lines. What the NSPU is clearly saying is that rest of the population in Somaliland-the inhabitants of Hargeysa, Sahil, and Togdheer regions-predominantly Isaaq tribes-have invaded Sool region. That is, if the NSPU was not stirring up a tribal war, one wonders why these regions are not included in its list of those provinces that hypothetically oppose Somaliland's independence? You decide.   (But I'm bit jealous because my region Togdheer isn't in the list!)

And not so surprisingly, many of the warmongers like the NSPU group live in the hearts of Europe and North America and they make every attempt to navigate a tribal war in Somaliland from their living rooms or behind their computer screens. And while they tireless work to engulf Somaliland in a firestorm, on the other hand, they enjoy well paid jobs, decent living, and a good education in abroad. How selfish? If these cowards want to see a war, they should go to the battlefields, not hide behind their computer screens and spit out venom. (Habar qurbe joogta dagaal la fududaa.)

And above all, is the NSPU (ASSC-S) really concerned about Somali unity?   Contrary to much of its fake lip services to Somali unity, the NSPU promotes anything but Somali unity. In an article entitled, "Debunking the Mystery Surrounding the NSPU", much of its insidious schemes were revealed. And its destructive role in the Somali society is far from advocating for unity. See this article: http://www.somalilandtimes.net/sl/2007/298/15.shtml

Finally, for the NSPU (ASSC-S) group: calling your opinion "a press release" won't make your coffee-shop stories more credible.   You are neither a pundit nor a politician; hence your opinion is as good as my grandmother's. Additionally, you can try to escape from what you fear the most-the facts on the ground in Sool region-but eventually you will have to face them.

In the end, the NSPU's tireless efforts of spurring tribal wars, spitting out a load of venom towards Somaliland people and masquerading itself [NSPU] in a unity costume will neither hinder nor stop Somaliland's quest for independence.

And by the way, there is nothing wrong with seeking Somali unity, opposing Somaliland's independence, and asking Somaliland to leave Sool or even Hargeysa region-the NPSU has every right to express its views. But for the NSPU members to beat tribal war drums in Somaliland while these cliques are living in the heart of North America, operating under multiple identities to bolster their case and reporting bizarre stories which contradict the facts on ground is a clear testimony of what this group is all about-a useless tit.

Dalmar Kaahin, Ottawa , Canada



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