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Amoud's nursing department receives donations

Issue 329
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Amoud's nursing department receives donations

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Borama, Somaliland, May 10, 2008 - At a ceremony held on Friday, May 9th, 2008 at the Rays Hotel in Borama, donations from several women's group in the United Kingdom and Italy were presented to the faculty of Nursing at Amoud University in Somaliland.

The Manager of Telesom (Awdal Branch), Abdilqadir Aden Nur presented the funds to the faculty of the Nursing department at Amoud University.

Speaking at the presentation, Abdilqadir Aden stated the members of the Awdal community living overseas have made a concerted effort to support all the Somaliland institutions of higher learning, in particular those in Awdal region.

Abdilqadir Aden also stated the people of Somaliland place a heavy emphasis on the education, health and communication sectors of the nation's development.

The donations were received by Dr.Fadumo Haji Abubakar on behalf of the faculty of Nursing at Amoud University.

Dr. Fadumo Haji Abubakar, who is also the regional health co-ordinator for Awdal region, thanked the donor groups for their help in furthering the education of Somaliland's nurses.

Dr. Fadumo Haji Abubakar stated that the current enrollment at the Nursing faculty stands at forty, including twenty students who are expected take further courses in nursing at the univeristy.

The participants at the ceremony included, Ismail Rirash of Dahabshiil Financial Services, who were instrumental in transferring the donations.

AbdiAziz Mohamed Elmi

Source: Qaran News

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