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Somaliland - Setting aside the political differences for Common Goals

Issue 330
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Somaliland - Setting aside the political differences for Common Goals

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Peace In Somaliland Is At The Fork Of Ephemerality And Endurance

By Abdulazez Al-Motairi

May 18, 2008

Congratulations to all Somalilanders on the occasion of 17th National Day. I wish all of you a very happy, prosperous and peaceful Somaliland.

Again, Somaliland´s power of negotiation shines over election dispute. The ruling and opposition parties agreed to reschedule the election calendar and avoid flux. Somaliland, as usual, solve their internal strive without support from outside world; they always implement homemade crisis management solution.

Political divisions and differences are the result of the cultural and civilization development of every society and are not for tragic. Somaliland enemies believed the recent political differences in Hargiesa will lead to disintegration including the erroneous writer Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis, who accuses Somaliland with baseless allegations.

The enemies should know that Wisdom, fidelity and consensus are the keys to Somaliland's political and democratization process.

Somaliland connected through core values including nationality, freedom, culture, language, sovereignty and unity; these values build the future for Somaliland as democratic and modern state where freedom of expression and equality is a motto.

Somaliland goals serve the interest of its people and the recent division in politics among the political parties cannot take a bloody shape as in Somalia. In Somaliland, the disagreements on certain matter are a key to success, as disagreement is nature of humankind but don´t damage the national bride.

As per Somaliland Constitution, the humanity is above the political differences unlike many African countries, and final decision belongs to the people. The leaders of UDUB, Kulmiye and UCID share common goal and objectives to develop Somaliland.

After all, unlike Somalia politics, the Somaliland elected officials don´t trade blows over their differences on the control of the country. They overcome the elusive differences through discussions. An atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect prevails always in Somaliland.

To the opposition parties – Kulmiye and UCID:

Well-done, it is great to see Somaliland political leaders including opposition leaving their differences behind to serve the country better. This is the unique quality in Somaliland, where every problem gets solution on discussion table. The recent deadlock between the opposition and ruling parties in Somaliland does not imitate national division.

Opposition parties are practicing their constitutional right to ask the president to step down after end of his term, which is sign of matured democracy. The opposition should fight through the legal channels like Somaliland Supreme Court to win their rights. Somaliland is a nation of institutions.

However, the national security is on top priority of both the ruling and opposition agenda because without Somaliland there will be no free competition and democracy. The dignity of the opposition is to win through the constitutional channels but obviously not via violent protest or destabilizing the country. You, the opposition, should know that Somaliland is peace paradise surrounded by an ocean of turmoil and anarchy.

15th May 2008, the deadline announced by the opposition to nullify the legitimate of the government is finish, as government and opposition parties will announce together a new election timetable.

Earlier, the opposition and the ruling party agreed the election to be held on Dec 2008 but due to natural difficulties including recent droughts in the rural areas disabled the National Election Commission (NEC) of Somaliland to complete the registration process. In other hand, the international sponsors of the election expenses delayed the payments.

The Guurti House (Upper House of Parliament) extended Riyale´s terms until May 2009, which means the difference between the agreed timetable "Dec 2008" and extended period "May 2009" is only about 20 weeks. Somaliland sovereignty, integrity and security value is better than 20 weeks period.

20 weeks will not add value to President Riyale´s rule after more than five years. At the end these weeks, the world will be watching if he steps down peacefully as democratic man or turns into dictator like Meleze Sanawi and Robert Mugabe. Somaliland is more valuable than 20 weeks. Somaliland Constitution allows Guurti House to extend term of the president during emergency situations.

The commission should work very hard to complete the registration process before May 2009, in order to enable the public to vote freely.

Stubbornness is not a solution:

Both opposition and ruling party should give the first priority to the stability of Somaliland, because as I said earlier, without Somaliland neither Riyale will be president nor opposition will fight for the leadership post. Stubbornness is not in the interest of Somaliland.

Government and the opposition should understand that the international community is watching very closely, which may damage the country's reputation. They should know that Somaliland enemies including Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis are working very hard to fail Somaliland democracy and mislead the world.

Recently, the Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis wrote articles trying to hide the reality in Somaliland. But the fact always remains a fact and the world narrates. Please refer this link: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/60398

U.S Assistant Undersecretary Dr. Frazier noted that Washington administration is waiting the outcome of the elections, indicating the administration will take final decision on the result. This is very crucial time for Somaliland independence, sovereignty and democracy. I believe that opposition parties and government are fighting over a country that does not exist.

The deadlock is creating panic between the people, which is like torturing them and leading them into sleepless nights. The people are very concerned over the disputes and need urgent decision on the matter. Somaliland people put the bad memories of killing and displacing by Siyad Barre government behind and decided to build free and democratic Somaliland.

Somaliland opposition and ruling parties should consider other million ways to serve the public but not fighting over the presidential post. Today, the public need politicians who put their personal interest over the public one.

A remarkable example is Adna Adam, Former Foreign Minister. She built Adna Maternity Hospital and helps mothers with childbirth difficulties. Adna told Reuters that the hospital receives mothers from Somalia and Ethiopia with obstetrics and gynecology problems. She hires fresh medical and nursing graduates from local universities and gives jobs and experience.

She served her country in public and today serves in private, during her era as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Somaliland diplomacy progressed very well.

Advice to the President, Opposition and People of Somaliland:

Somaliland people can be the strongest people when they think what unites them and forgets what divides them, including recent political differences. Somaliland people can do the impossible and prove it to the world. They are very tough and hard-working people.

Somaliland people are developing their country without the international community who alienated Somaliland. The world is pushing Somaliland back until the failed State of Somalia stands on its feet. Did the international community examined whether the failed Somali state will stand on its feet, what will be the fate of Somaliland if Somalia continues in chaos?

As friend, my final advice to people of Somaliland is to unite and always consider the peaceful process rather than violent one. Somaliland enemies are working very hard to nullify Somaliland integrity, and if that happens, it will be the end of the people living in Somaliland. You will be killed and eliminated harder than 1988 genocide by Barre´s men.

The people of Somaliland, from Sool to Awdel, should not work only for better today but for better tomorrow.

By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

Email: az.almutairi@yahoo.com

Source: Somaliland Times


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