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The Trash-talking Doctor: Muhammad Megalommatis

Issue 331
Front Page

Somaliland Elections To Be Held On December 2008 And March 2009

President & the Opposition Reconcile on 11th Hour

British Ambassador formally opens new additions at Egal International Airport

Las Anod Water Project Completed

President Rayale Receives British Ambassador

Puntland: A Clear & Present Danger

Somalia: Hidden Catastrophe, Hidden Agenda

YWCA Toronto Young Woman Of Distinction 2008

Canada's Africa Oil Corp. equipment under attack in Somalia

Regional Affairs

5 Killed & 7 Wounded In Mine Explosion

Power Struggles Delay Training Of Somali Army In Tanzania

Special Report

International News

Africom Seeks Military-to-Military Relationships

Somalian Man Faces Jail For Drugging And Raping Two Women


Somaliland Representative’s Statement To The Conference On Opening The World Order To De Facto States

Can Ethiopia’s democratic opposition use Somaliland as a base?

On The Job Harassment?

Anti-smoking messages and current cigarette smoking status in Somaliland: results from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey 2004

Al-Jazeera Cameraman's Lawyer, Speaks With Reporters Without Borders About His Client's Ordeal In Guantanamo Bay

First dinosaur tracks found in Arabian Peninsula

Obama Would Take California In November, Times/KTLA Poll Finds


Food for thought


The New Gabiley Region and its status

A Beacon of Success in Africa

The Trash-talking Doctor: Muhammad Megalommatis

17th Anniversary Of 18th May: A Dance With Riyale, Or A Dance For Riyale!

Somaliland Must Be Recognized


The Deportation of Somalis Is Unacceptable


By Dalmar Kaahin Ottawa, Canada

Definitely, trash-talking and name-callings won’t get your point across. And in fact—if anything—trash-talking describes much of the trash-talker’s character. Neither belittling nor despising your opponents conveys your messages much less convince your readers. Additionally, if one wants to write a self-defeating article: trash-talking is an option. And this is what exactly Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis has been doing repeatedly with respect to his barely "articles" about Somaliland.

Take for example, in his recent paper entitled, “ Somaliland - the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and their End”; just reading the title alone—you really want to puke. The readers instantly reach the conclusion that the writer is either losing his marbles or a professional conduct doesn’t mean heck to him. As a result, much of his arguments may viewed as worthless rants—a waste of readers’ time. See his article: http://tinyurl.com/48fvnn

Now, hold your horses; it is perfectly fine to criticize Somaliland or to oppose its independence. And that is not what the fuss is all about. But name-callings and childish behaviors of Dr. Megalommatis compels the readers to assume that despite his prestigious degree—after all—the Doctor demonstrated the worst case scenario of unprofessional writer. Worse yet, one may wonder whether the Doctor is sane enough or not. And rather than get offended by his raves and rants—we should indeed help him out to regain hi sanity helmet.

And of course, Dr. Megalommatis is entitled to his opinion, but freedom of expression doesn’t mean freedom to offend, attack a nation and its leaders that he knows diddlysquat about them.

I hate to lower my standards to his level, but I can’t help thinking that Dr. Megalommatis is a mere child trapped in a 60 years-old man’s body. For crying out loud, Dr. Megalommatis where is your professional conduct? I ask you sir!   Do the pillars of good journalism: “Thoroughness, Accuracy, Fairness and Transparency” mean anything to you? Maybe not!

Unfortunately, rumor has it that—Dr. Megalommatis has been recruited by the one-man pro-Somali unity groups such as, the NSPU (or ASSC-S). (See this link to find out what the NSPU is all about: http://www.somalilandtimes.net/sl/2008/326/76.shtml) And as it seems, not only is Dr. Megalommatis ignorant about the Somali history and the factors that forced Somaliland to seek independence but he also blindly wonders around.

Throughout his paper, Dr. Megalommatis remains subjective, not objective. Much of his argument is way too emotional. So, isn’t perplexing why he keeps shooting himself in the foot by spewing out load venom towards Somaliland? This is a bizarre case of a foreign national’s smear campaign against a nation that he probably never stepped in its soil.

In short, with all due respect, Dr. Megalommatis so far you have spewed out the usual nonsensical argument: “Somaliland this, Somaliland that…” This is too cliché—be creative please. That is, if you have compelling reasons or convincing arguments to oppose Somaliland’s quest for independence, please share them with us—we are all ears. It is always nice to hear your opponent’s views. But keep your emotional trash-talks with you. And above all, remember: writing is a profession, not a name-calling contest.


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