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A New Approach To The Horn

Issue 333
Front Page

President Riyale: “We & The Opposition Have Agreed To End The Political Deadlock”

KULMIYE Says Agreement Between Riyale And The Opposition Not Yet Finalized

US, EA Gunrunners Violating UN’s Somalia Arms Ban

Somaliland forces arrest two Westerners

Somali journalist killed in Kismayo

President Rayale receives a delegation from SOS Kinderdorf International

Foreign oil workers evacuated from Puntland exploration site

AU And IGAD Should Support Somaliland’s Homemade Democracy

Somali President and Ex-Capital Baidoa Surrounded by Trouble, UN Council Told at Djibouti Talks

Regional Affairs

Udub, Kulmiye & Ucid conclude on election talks

Canadian held in Ethiopia could face death penalty

Special Report

International News

Arabs shocked by Obama speech

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control

Children at breaking point: Knives, guns, bullies...a shocking look at growing up in today's UK


THE LAND OF THE GODS - A Brief Study Of Somali Etymology And Its Historio-Lingui

History as tool in Somaliland bid

Perth office link to the tale of gold and guns

Our World: Sharing hope, not disdain

U.S. Engagement of Africa in the National Interest

Dispatches From The Horn: Somaliland


Clinton And Obama Hold Secret Meeting

Food for thought


Somaliland: Dynamic and Progressive

Badhan: Highway To Heaven Or A Prelude To Instability

Regionalization, Elections And Difficulties

Ethics, hard work & shared vision, the hallmark of excellence in old days Somaliland!

Comments On The Somaliland Budget 2008

Somaliland Political Stand off Resolved, what is next:

Is there shame in work or this is part of clan warfare?

By John Drysdale

The UN Security Council’s abortive try out to resolve Somalia’s helpless internal disputes, a week ago in Djibouti, was typical of this unimaginative council of learned, unspecialised ambassadors. The venue – Djibouti- with its hybrid of Cushitic clans was absurd. Why not straight forward Somaliland to which thousand of Somalia’s war torn refugees have fled to safety in the last few years? I will tell you why. The UN clings to the old fashioned idea that Somaliland and Somalia must reunite again. It is somehow vulgar for them to be seen together. Both countries know it is a non-starter, so does the UN if it wishes to be honest about it.

There is another way of looking at it. The horn of Africa is a natural unit of countries which can trade with each other and talk to each other. The Oromo of Ethiopia, being of Cushitic stock, pick up Somali very easily.

Ethiopia , Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti should form a confederation immediately. A simple procedure requiring no change in borders, only interlocking roads to develop trade particularly in edible produce, and political separation when and where desirable, each with its own flag, its own sovereignty, its own seat in the UN, its own head of state, government institutions, and security forces – No different in essence than the European Union which is a confederation.

A confederation, with the removal of Ethiopian forces from Somalia, would go a long way to restore peace. Try it out.

Major John Drysdale MBE, a British Somalilander, is the Chairman and Managing Director of ‘Cadastral Surveys Somaliland’. He can be reached on 00 252-2-4155328 or email: john_drysdale@yahoo.com

Source: Somaliland Times

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