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Issue 334
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Unidentified Missile Sinks Eritrean Gun-Boat

Somaliland Police And Judiciary Receive UNDP-Donated Vehicles

British Diplomats From UK Embassies In Ethiopia, Kenya and Yemen Visit S/land

Somaliland President Receives UNDP Delegation

Sighting of Satellite/Debris In Hargeysa Night-Sky

Las Anod Clan Elders 'Give Up' On Puntland Govt

AAAS Geospatial Analysis Confirms Destruction of Towns, Houses in East Ethiopia

Nine dead in Djibouti-Eritrea border clashes

UNDP Accused Of Links To Al-Shabbab In Somalia

Regional Affairs

Somaliland Government & Opposition Parties Sign New Accord

African states condemn Djibouti-Eritrea border skirmishes

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U.S. Condemns Eritrean Border Attack

Aging French military set to get boost

Obama, Mccain Squabble Over Town Hall Faceoffs


Somaliland Seeks A Little Respect

Remember! Remember!

Food crisis may be a boon for small farmers in Africa

U.S. Military's Middle East Crusade for Christ

UN Council's Africa Trip Brings Mixed Results

Suited for the New Diplomacy?

Beyond The Last Computer

Somalia country plan consultation

World food crisis: WFP launches strategic plan

Nairobi to host first regional broadcast and film conference

Food for thought


The sum of all our fears


In memory of Saeed Meygag Samater

U.S. Wins Dividing the Islamic Court Union

Somaliland's 2008 budget : A remarkable achievement for an unrecognized nation

Somaliland Political Stand off Resolved, what is next:

Tribute to Omar Jama Ismail


By Abdirahim Ali Harbi

Canada, one of the Western World’s most successful multicultural and liberal countries has finally apologized for its shameful yet most horrendous mistake in its dealings with the countries First Nation Peoples. Hundreds of First Nation peoples had gathered inside and out side of the country’s Parliament in Ottawa as the Prime Minister gave heart felt apology to its Native People. This apology comes shortly after Canada is accused of and seen by many analysts abandoning its leadership role in tackling Global Warming and Native People’s issues under the minority conservative government.

This apology concerns the treatment of Native Indian children in residential schools run by churches. Those children now in their old age had been subjected to the most inhumane conditions in this century. Hundreds of thousands of them were affected by this wider policy of the state. These victims were snatched from their mothers and uprooted from their communities in order to strip them from their rich culture, divorce them from their native tongue and forcibly inoculate them with alien Christian Ideology, all in an effort to assimilate them into Christian Society and kill the so called “Indian in children”.

Today this practice is deemed by the Prime Minister as sad chapter in Canadian History, one that will haunt the nation for years to come. He pledged a Staggering $4.0 billion as healing package to assist the estimated 80, 000 survivors to wash the pain they had suffered. This action suggests that this current government is finally heeding the criticism of analysts in playing critical role in continuing the improvement of its First Nation peoples. Over the previous years previous Canadian administrations have been working towards that goal and carved out new territories and allowed self governance.

This suggest, despite what stripe of political ideology the government bears, Canada has the best chance of the Western World to have the most liberal policies and benefits for its native peoples and its immigrant population as it constructs a more liberal multicultural society quite different from that which its founders envisioned. Many parts of Europe and the United States have very bad record of treating its immigrants particularly that of the Muslim Community after being struck with terrorist attacks, testing their beliefs and principles in their Western democratic values, which turn out to be a not very genuine after all.

Although Canada hadn’t had terrorist incidents in the magnitude experienced by these other countries, it had its share of close encounters. It was in Toronto, the largest city in Canada that a many Muslim Youth along with few Muslim men were alleged by CSIS and RCMP’s (the CIA and FBI counterparts in Canada) Muslim informant to be behind a plot to kill and behead the Prime Minister of Canada and other politicians, which he was paid handsomely over $300, 000 Canadian dollars (nearly the same US dollars). It turns out that most of this youth had no such vision or will to carryout such actions. And many of them have since been released by the courts, a something that has not happened in other parts of the Western World, demonstrating Canada’s commitment to one tier justice system for all despite their nationality and background.

And surely this is a sign for those who know to firmly defend peace and justice for all in every corner of this tumultuous world. Somalilanders might have the best history in record in the entire world including pre-protectorate and post-protectorate history. Although our history mostly hasn’t been put to the pen, the only one evil we ought to be a shame of is that of the way we have treated our minority tribes as the Midgan, Yibir and Tumaal, a mistake we have corrected with our constitution today, which also requires further rectification.

Abdirahim Ali Harbi, Toronto, Ontario




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