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Patients Voluntarily Leave Hospital After Employee Strike

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Mogadishu, Somalia, 13 June 2008 - Patients at a hospital in southern Somalia have begun leaving their beds after hospital workers went on strike three days ago.

Doctors and medical personnel at Jowhar Hospital, in Middle Shabelle region, went on strike on Wednesday after complaining of nonpayment in recent months.

An employee on strike told Garowe Online that the hospital has been managed by the INTERSOS agency, but management duties were recently taken up by Italian agency COSV.

According to the employee, COSV has not officially begun its operations at Jowhar Hospital or paid the employees.

Relatives said they transported some of the patients as far away as Mogadishu, which is located 90km south of Jowhar.

Other patients were taken to a smaller hospital inside Jowhar, which is managed by MSF Spain, they said.

"I left the hospital because of lack of treatment...I have a severe injury," said an elderly woman who offered her first name as Mano.

A two-year-old child died overnight Thursday inside Jowhar Hospital, locals said.

There are ongoing efforts by traditional elders and Islamic Courts officials - who administer Jowhar - to convince hospital employees to return to work.

In all, there are three doctors and 40 medical assistants employed at the hospital.

Source: Garowe Online

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