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Kidnapped Alta. Journalist Appears Healthy In Video

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Kidnapped Alta. Journalist Appears Healthy In Video
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The footage, broadcast by Al Jazeera shows Amanda Lindhout, of Sylvan Lake, Alta., was released on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008.

They were kidnapped on Aug. 23, along with a Somali journalist and two guards, near Mogadishu .

Jeremy Kroeker told CTV Newsnet he was relieved that his friend appears to be alive and well. However, he said he is worried that her captors seem to be making a political statement rather than one motivated by a possible ransom.

"They didn't make any further demands for money," Kroeker said from Calgary .

"There was no money mentioned, there was only the concern for our government's involvement in their country, which is concerning."

The Qatar-based network said their captors are members of the so-called Mujahedeen of Somalia -- a group that accuses the governments of Canada and Australia of contributing to the "destruction" of Somalia .

Earlier this month, the Montreal-based Reporters Without Borders said the group had demanded $2.5 million in ransom for the release of the three journalists. However, there was no mention of the money in the new footage.

The video shows Lindhout wearing a long red head covering.

Al Jazeera reports that the two prisoners appeal in the video to their governments to work for their release.

Kroeker met Lindhout in Damascus , Syria two months ago, while the TV and print journalist was waiting for a visa to enter Iraq to work as a correspondent for an Iranian network.

He said she was well researched and knew the risks she faced by working in conflict zones -- and thrived on the challenge of telling important stories in dangerous situations.

"She just exudes optimism," Kroeker said. "She's one of the most positive people I've met. She takes any obstacles that are in her path and she uses them as challenges she will overcome one way or another."

Source: CTV, Sept 17, 2008


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