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Issue 352 / 18 October 2008


Somalians riot over food prices


Soaring food prices


Crime pays for Somalia's pirates - 9 Oct 08

News Headlines
Local and Regional Affairs
Zenawi Says Troops Will Stay In Somalia Until Peacekeepers Deployment
Al-Shabaab Threatens To Attack Kenya
Kiev Urged To Pay Pirate Ransom
Shipping Turns To Private Guards To Combat Pirates
Ethiopian PM Meles' Lecture: ‘Follow Gandhi's Principle - But Do Not Abuse It'
Water NGO Leader Escapes Abduction Attempt In Somalia
First Mosque Opens In Germany 's Ex-Communist East
Nigeria : Pirates Seize 8 Fishing Boats, 96 Hostages
Southern Negative Impact On Somalis
We Must First Secure Somalia To Make The Waters Safe
Features & Commentry
Thwarting Ethiopia 's Continuing Game–Plan In The Horn - Part Two
Somalia : Pirates' Continuing Evolution
Connectivity And Commitment Pay Dividends In African Transport
How Extremists Groomed Loner To Be Suicide Bomber
The Second Law Of Petropolitics
The Pirates Of Puntland Make Sailors Rich
An Open Letter To The Secretary Of State For Education Ed Balls
International Flotilla To Fight Somali Pirates
Is Toxic Waste Behind Somali Piracy ?
In Crisis-Ridden Somalia , Enjoying The 'Piracy Bubble'
Missing In Action: Africa The Lost Continent
A Somali Influx Unsettles Latino Meatpacker


How Britain And Ethiopia Inflicted Regrettable Whammies On Somaliland
Mr. Kipkorir: The First African Neo-Con


Zenawi Says Troops Will Stay In Somalia Until Peacekeepers Deployment

Addis Ababa , October 18, 2008 – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi speaking to the Ethiopian parliament on Thursday refused to set a timetable for Ethiopian forces to withdraw from Somalia but acknowledge that the time for withdrawal is fast approaching.

Recent reports however indicate Ethiopia may have already started pulling its troops out.

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Sheik Muqtar Robow Abu Mansuur, Spokesman for the Islamist Al-Shabaab

MOGADISHU , October 18, 2008 -- A Somali Islamist group on Wednesday said it would attack Kenya if the country does not rescind its decision to train Somali government forces.

Sheik Muqtar Robow Abu Mansuur, spokesman for the Islamist Al-Shabaab group, threatened that the group would carry out attacks inside Kenya if the southwestern neighbor does not stop "interfering in Somalia ."

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Shipping Turns To Private Guards To Combat Pirates

By Luke Baker

LONDON , October 18, 2008 – Commercial shipping companies are increasingly using private security firms to combat pirates off the coast of Somalia because foreign navies are restricted in what they can do to tackle piracy, security experts say.

Dozens of private security companies, many with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan , are now employed to provide commercial vessels with up-to-the-minute intelligence on the whereabouts of pirates and sometimes armed escorts onboard ships.

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Relatives say they will try to raise the ransom money themselves

Kiev , Ukraine , October 18, 2008 – Relatives of crew members on a seized Ukrainian ship have urged Ukraine to pay a multi-million ransom to pirates holding the vessel off Somalia 's coast.

The relatives held a rally in Kiev , accusing the authorities of inaction in the crisis, which began last month.

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Ethiopian PM Meles' Lecture: ‘Follow Gandhi's Principle - But Do Not Abuse It'

By Simegnish Yekoye

ADDIS ABABA , Ethiopia , October 13, 2008 – Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, said that African countries should follow Gandhi's principle for peace and development in his Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture.

The speech at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis Ababa was given on the second International Non-Violence Day and the 139th birthday of the Indian independence leader.

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MOGADISHU, 15 Oct. 2008 – Reports form Merka, the provincial capital of Lower Shabelle region at about 100km south of Mogadishu, reveal that the head of the Italian NGO ‘Water for Life', Hassan Mustafa, has narrowly escaped an abduction attempt by Somali militias on Wednesday morning.

Hassan Mustafa was heading to his office, when armed men opened fire on his car. This resulted in the death of his driver on early Wednesday morning.

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BERLIN , Oct 16, 2008 — The first mosque with a minaret and a dome in Germany 's formerly communist east opened on Thursday as police corralled protesters behind a roadblock three blocks away.

As police blocked off the street, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community celebrated the construction of the Khadija Mosque, a white, two-story structure capped with a 42-foot silver dome in Berlin 's Pankow district.

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October 14, 2008:   Major unions representing crews on major merchant ships, have gotten the shipping companies to double the pay for the days that ships are transiting the piracy prone areas of the Gulf of Aden. Also doubled, for the time moving through dangerous waters, are death and disability benefits.

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Cardiff , UK , October 18, 2008 (SL Times) – A meeting with the local Somali community was the highlight of today's [Friday, October 17, 2008] visit by the British Foreign Secretary Rt. Hon David Miliband MP to Cardiff , the capital city of Wales .

The situation in Somaliland and Somalia , wider international issues and local community concerns were covered during a lively discussion.

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Poor Skills And Logistics Blamed For Slowing Down Voter Registration Drive In The Sahil Region

Berbera, Somaliland, October 18, 2008 (SL Times) – A voter registration drive that was launched in Somaliland 's Sahil region on last Tuesday has reportedly been slowed down by the poor quality of enumerators' skills and the lack of basic logistical support.

The plan was that it would take 3 minutes to have one voter registered. But the registration teams were no where near achieving this speed. Three days after the registration began, their best score has been 20 minutes per voter.

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Somali-occupied territory east of thick black line (1960)


1991 saw the end of SIYAD BARRE's disastrous term of office as President of Somalia. No elected president has survived him to date (2008).

Fourteen reconciliation conferences have since been attempted, all of which have failed for one reason or another.

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Jason R. Zalasky/U.S. Navy via Getty Images

Somalian pirates leave the MV Faina, a Ukrainian merchant ship they hijacked, for the Somalian coast October 16, 2008


While maritime piracy generally has declined over the past five years, piracy in the Gulf of Aden off the Somalian coast has increased.

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MOMBASA , October 16, 2008 – ASIDE from a few niche industries such as cut flowers, which are air-freighted from Kenya and Ethiopia to auctions in the Netherlands , African trade has not changed much since the end of the colonial era. Unprocessed raw materials go out; finished goods come in. The trade imbalance is vividly illustrated by the ships sent from Asia to pick up empty containers left at African ports.

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SOMALIA-SOUTH AFRICA : Foreign Competitors Not Welcome

No refuge

CAPE TOWN, 17 October 2008 (IRIN) - About 200 Somali businessmen in South Africa 's Western Cape Province are being threatened with violence if they continue doing business in the townships. They recently returned to the areas after fleeing a wave of xenophobic attacks in May 2008.

A group of local township businessmen, acting under the banner of the Zanokhanyo Retailers Association (ZRA), sent the Somalis letters in September, warning them to close their shops or face "actions that will include physically fighting".

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Photo: Bill Corcoran/IRIN

Mahad Omar Abdi

CAPE TOWN , 15 October 2008 (IRIN) - Mahad Omar Abdi, 33, from Somalia , owns a supermarket in the sprawling dormitory township of Khayalitsha , on the outskirts of the Atlantic port city of Cape Town . His shop was looted during xenophobic attacks in South Africa in May 2008.

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How Extremists Groomed Loner To Be Suicide Bomber

15 Oct 15, 2008 - 5:29:13 PM

TO THOSE who knew him, he was a "a big friendly giant" or an "oddball recluse".

Nicky Reilly was 6ft 1in and weighed 18 stone but had learning difficulties and a mental age of ten.

The 22-year-old's imposing physique masked more than just a vulnerable mind ripe for exploitation. It harbored a hatred for the West and a desire for martyrdom that drove him to attempt a botched suicide attack.

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The Second Law Of Petropolitics


OIL'S UPS AND DOWNS -- The Second Law of Petropolitics can be put as follows: The level of Western aggression in oil producing regions and the global price of oil always move in the same direction. (Newscom)


Published: October 15, 2008

Oil really means many things. It has a magic power. Dictatorship is usually considered a country's internal affair. But if that country has oil reserves, the picture changes to the inverse.

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An Open Letter To The Secretary Of State For Education Ed Balls

The debate over the trajectory of the western sociopolitical system and its strained relations with Islam is the most pivotal of our time. Muslims are in one of the most difficult phases of their history when malicious attacks including allegation of terrorism are being made on Islam and Muslims all over the world. The malicious campaign against Muslims is politically motivated.

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S. Korean Firm Pays Ransom To Somalia Pirates

SEOUL , October 18, 2008 — Somali pirates released 22 sailors they kidnapped last month after the South Korean ship owner paid a ransom, an official said Friday.

The eight South Koreans and 14 Myanmarese were freed Thursday. They had been held since their 15,000-tonne cargo ship was seized off the coast of the east African nation on September 10.

Nigeria : Pirates Seize 8 Fishing Boats, 96 Hostages

Lagos Oct. 17 - Pirates still in action not in Somalia but in Nigeria , whose waters are considered to be the second most dangerous in the world after the ones of the Horn of Africa country. According to shipping company sources , the pirates, within a few hours, attacked and seized eight fishing boats in the open sea off the coast of the southern state of Bavelsa. They took a total of 96 members of the various crews as prisoners.

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Africa's Best Kept Secret

Southern Negative Impact On Somalis

Some Somalilanders have proposed changing the name of the country from Somaliland to some other name that does not have the word Somali in it. Their reasoning is that since the word Somali appears in both Somaliland and Somalia it makes it difficult to distinguish between Somaliland and Somalia , and therefore hurts Somaliland 's efforts to get international recognition.

Islam And Stability In Somaliland And The Geo-Politics Of The War On Terror

This paper interprets the regional (geo-cultural/geo-Islamic) pressures interacting with localized Somaliland expressions of pastoral Sufi Islam and Wahhabi "Gulf Islam", and the rise of political Islam in North-East Africa .


How Britain And Ethiopia Inflicted Regrettable Whammies On Somaliland

By John Drysdale

There are several reasons why Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991. One reason was Siyad Barre's horrifying genocidal practices in Somalia . Another reason, among others, was the ‘Greater Somalia' demands by the majority of Somalis described in the last article.

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Mr. Kipkorir: The First African Neo-Con

By Ahmed M.I. Egal

Mr. Donald Kipkorir's recently proposed in a column in the Daily Nation (October 3) that Kenya and Ethiopia divide and annex Somalia along 4 latitude, i.e. draw a straight line to the Indian Ocean from the point at which the borders of the three countries meet near the town of Mandera.

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Somaliland And Djibouti People – Kith & Kin

By Eid Ali Salaan Ahmed

President Rayale's visit to Djibouti was a strategic milestone at the right time at the right place. Politics is the art of the possible and President Rayale and President Gelle acted pragmatically seizing the right opportunity with shrewdness. This rapprochement between them after a stalemate of relations since 2005 is a great step in the right direction strategically, economically and politically.

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stronomy which is among the oldest subjects in human thought and at the same time crucial to discover the secret behind the universe failed for building its frame work with assumptions that basically subject to refutable. Astronomy deals with the universe as wholeness, since the originality is from the heavens, and the universe we mean all existence "To the best of our knowledge it includes uncountable stars and galaxies ”.

Astronomy: The Cosmic Journey p.3

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Paul Goldsmith

Nairobi October 12, 2008 - What is it that makes Pirates different from other brigands; why do dacoits of the sea excite the imagination where the land-bound highwayman invokes fear and loathing? To explain, we cite the curious case of the Pirates of Puntland.

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Bob Ewing

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Somali pirates are accusing European firms of dumping toxic waste off the coast of Somalia and this is why they are holding a ship for ransom.

European firms are being accused of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast.

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Somali pirates are demanding a $20 million ransom for the release of a Ukrainian cargo ship laden with tanks

MOGADISHU , October 14, 2008 (AFP) — As Somalia sinks ever deeper into hunger and despair, attacking foreign ships bottle-necking into the Gulf of Aden is proving to be one of the few profitable activities in the country.

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Diary Entry by David Model
October 17, 2008 at 09:23:49       Permalink

During all the discussions of campaign issues, one extremely importatnt issue is virtually ignored: The plight of Africa . It's not only important because of the suffering in Africa but also because the U.S. is largely responsible for that suffering.

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. , October 16, 2008 (NY Times) — Like many workers at the meatpacking plant here, Raul A. Garcia, a Mexican-American, has watched with some discomfort as hundreds of Somali immigrants have moved to town in the past couple of years, many of them to fill jobs once held by Latino workers taken away in   immigration   raids.

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By Said Mohammed

October 04, 2008

Hawa and her new husband Mahad decided to have a quiet wedding unlike most of their Somali peers in Minnesota while Guled and his new wife, Safiya, have opted for a wedding in Abubakar Sadique mosque. Mahad was escorted home, where he met the women with the bride ululating at the assigned time.

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International Flotilla To Fight Somali Pirates


NAIROBI, Kenya, October 16, 2008 (AP) — U.S. warships watched a hijacked vessel laden with tanks while other gunboats patrolled the dangerous waters off Somalia, but pirates still seized another freighter this week — and now hold about a dozen despite the international effort to protect a major shipping lane.


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