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Ethiopian Troops To Stay In Somalia

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United Nations And America Seek Extension For Ethiopian Troops In Somalia

Nairobi , October 23, 2008 - Somalia 's warlord government again gathers in Kenya to legitimise Ethiopian troops in Somalia .

US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs Jendayi Frazer has called upon the leaders of Uganda , Ethiopia and Kenya to extend the mandate for the installed TFG ("Transitional Federal Government") whose tenure is due to ran out within six months.

From the start of next month in November, it is expected all current members of the TFG to be present

in Nairobi for a meeting to formalise their extension for another five years without a lengthy voting process between the warlords.

One major obstacle facing the United States is the process of legitimising its servant nations such as Ethiopia and Uganda currently deploying troops in Somalia to protect the installed TFG and to fight the Somalians opposing such government.

The Ethiopian prime minister has been lobbying United Nations to accept the utter failures of current TFG to bring peace to Somalians. This he hopes will bolster United Nations suspicions of Somalian incapacity to govern its territories.

Dr Asha-Rose Migiro acting deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations from Tanzania met with Meles Zenawi to discuss Ethiopia 's thirst to stay in Somalia by all means necessary. This coincides at a serious moment when USA is expected to cut the budgets of servant nations such as those in East Africa . Ethiopia hopes UN to convert occupying Ethiopian troops in Somalia to "peace corps" coming under the UN flag rather than under the directives of American forces stationed in Djibouti .

Warlord government is assumed to enthusiastically welcome such American requests in a bid to hold on to their fiefdoms as they face increasing opposition from within the country. However, this could also lead to more fractured government as many illiterate government officials are heading to Nairobi on the assumption of building a "new" government.

TFG Parliamentary speaker Mr Madoobe left the seat of parliament in Baidao along with many parliament members to fly to Kenya 's capital, Nairobi . In a press release, he said .. all of us will participate in the building of a more inclusive government"

The UN supports the salaries of the warlord parliament of Somalia , and provides assistance to warlord government with travel expenses and other amenities. The UN does not recognise Somaliland who declared independence from Somalia , and continues to isolate officials from Somaliland in participating in UN sponsored conventions for Somalia .

Shuun Ishaq

Author: Shuun Isaaq

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