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Somaliland Stands Firm Against Terrorism

Issue 354
Front Page
News Headlines
Message Of The UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator To Somalis
Local and Regional Affairs
Muslim Cleric Arrested In Somali Bombings
Massive Security Deployment In Somaliland As Death Toll Rises
UN Staff In Somalia Mourn Loss Of Colleagues Killed In Deadly Blast
Ban Deplores ‘Outrageous' Attack On UN Office And Other Sites In Northern Somalia
Mark Malloch-Brown Condemns Attacks
Form cabinet, Somalia told
Deadly Car Bombs Hit Somaliland
Bombings Have Markings Of Al-Qaeda: US Official
FIDH Condemns the Suicide Attacks in Somalia
AP IMPACT: Security Firms Join Somali Piracy Fight
Shipload of supplies escorted to Somalia
Flashback: Israeli Revealed as owner of South Sudan bound weapons ship
The Terrorist Attacks On Somaliland
Supporting Somaliland's Democracy Against The Terror Act ?
Somaliland & Unisa's Department of Religious Studies represented at London 's 2008 Think Tank of the
Kenya On Heightened Terror Alert After Somaliland Bombings
Features & Commentry
Somalia 's Pirates Flourish In A Lawless Nation
‘It's A Great Time To Be A Pirate'
Somaliland Witness: 'Terrible Day'


Somaliland Stands Firm Against Terrorism
It's Time To Take On The Gangsters Of The Sea
President Bush's Speech on Terrorism Undercut by Attacks in Somalia
Somalia 's Descent Into Chaos Predicted
Somaliland Organizations In Diaspora Condemn The Terrorist Attacks In Somaliland
Message Of Condolences And Condemnation
Will White People Riot?
The Hon Stephen Smith MP


Ahmed Kheyre

The people of Somaliland stand firm against terrorism. Somaliland is strong enough to withstand the attacks of terrorism and defeat it with support of all the democratic nations of the world.

Somaliland 's struggle for sovereignty has seen the nation through many difficult times, and strength of its people will not allow an act of terrorism to deflect the country from its path to democracy, good governance and international recognition.

Not a single act of terrorism will bring about the desired goal by its practitioners, and the recent terrorist attacks in Hargeisa will only further strength the resolve of the people of Somaliland towards their stated goals of independence and security.

It is imperative that the people and government of Somaliland remain vigilant, for no terrorist can succeed without disharmony and instability.

Let us be assured that as Somalilanders, we will maintain the peace and security in the country, we shall apprehend and bring to justice those who perpetrated the attacks in Hargeisa and pledge to continue on our path to democracy, good governance and international recognition.

It is imperative that the people and the government of Somaliland stand united against terrorism. Terrorism will not delay democracy, nor will its atrocities go unpunished.

Whilst we convey our condolences to those grieving for the victims of the attacks in Hargeisa, let us as Muslims affirm the mercy of Allahu Subxaana wa tacaal.










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