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Somaliland Organizations In Diaspora Condemn The Terrorist Attacks In Somaliland

Issue 354
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Somaliland Organizations In Diaspora Condemn The Terrorist Attacks In Somaliland
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Will White People Riot?
The Hon Stephen Smith MP


October 30th, 2008

We, the Somaliland Organizations in the Diaspora, are dismayed by the terrorist attacks in Somaliland, and we would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and to the people of Somaliland in general. We join with all those who clearly condemn this utterly deplorable act of aggression and terror committed against the people of Somaliland . It is heartbreaking that people of Somaliland again become a victim of terrorists. We all know Somaliland have long been trying to heal itself from the indiscriminate killings of its people by Siad Barre regime. These actions are not associated with Islam or the decency of human being. Nothing can justify the indiscriminate killings of an innocent human being. We can clearly see the intentions of these actions as one or all of the following;
  1. The terrorists fancy to undermine the independency of Somaliland .
  2. The terrorists desire to stop the current democratic actions on-going in Somaliland .
  3. The terrorists crave to spoil the current peace in Somaliland so that they can use it as one of the places to launch their terror attacks against Somaliland friends including the West.

We would like to encourage the international community, the UN, the EU, and the African Union to beef-up the security of Somaliland in order to stop the terrorist's penetrations in East Africa . Somaliland is last stable place in a trouble region. It is time that UN Security Council should acknowledge Somaliland 's existence, and condemn these recent attacks. The more the Somaliland case is delayed, the more Somaliland's progress is undermined, and the risk of war escalating across East Africa . The Somaliland case is a true test to the International Community to its commitment to support peace, democracy, and support of people who are willing to go the extra mile to make something out of them-selves.

Somaliland is a state where the power truly belongs to the people, and the facts are there for everyone to see. It is about time that the International community start rewarding for peace, and Somaliland should be supported, and the African Union should consider to institute immediately the process of resolving Somaliland case.

The following Diaspora organizations jointly signed this press-release;

•  Somaliland Forum (SF)

•  Somaliland Society Europe (SSE)

•  Tog-dheer Foundation(TAFF)


•  West London S/Land Organization




•  Somaliland RIKSFORBUND

•  Somaliland Aid Group




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