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Issue 355 / 8th November 2008


Suicide bombers strike in Somaliland


Africa's Best Kept Secret

Our Trip to Somaliland

Front Page
News Headlines
Gitmo Detainee Transferred To Somaliland
UNICEF Deplores Stoning Of Child Rape Victim
Somalia Government Seeks Control Of .So Domain
Ethiopia Issues Terror Warning
Child Of 13 Stoned To Death In Somalia
Somalia : Yes We Can!
A Philanthropic UAE Sheikh Sends Assistance To The Victims Of Hargeysa Bombing
Local and Regional Affairs
Obama Win Brings Hope To Africa , Church Leaders Say
DC Circuit Suspends Status Review For Yemeni Held At Guantanamo
New US President Offers Hope On Global Poverty, Says Progressio
Former Somali Prime Minister To Turn For Puntland President
Somalia 's Sheikh Sharif To Step Down As Islamic Courts Chief
Pentagon Transfers 3 From Guantánamo Prison Camps
North Yorkshire Force Plays Host To Foreign Officers Including Somaliland 's
DR Congo Violence Tops Monthly Report
SOMALIA : UN And Local Elders Slam Aid Worker Kidnap
Obama's Election
Supporting Somaliland's Democracy Against The Terror Act ?
Somaliland & Unisa's Department of Religious Studies represented at London 's 2008 Think Tank of the
Features & Commentry
Speech Of Kerry McCarthy At The Somali Gang And Knife Conference In Bristol
Africa In An Obama Administration
Horn Of Africa 's Challenges Grow
A Land Of Opportunity
International News
Obama Meets With Economic Experts For Advice
Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf Elected To The International Court Of Justice For A Term Of Nine Years
‘Don't Go To Cops Or I Will Kill You'
Obama's Kenyan Grandmother Says Will Attend Inauguration
At First News Conference, Obama Promises Stimulus Push
Obama: Getting A Family Dog Isn't Easy


The Presence Of The UN In Somaliland Is For The Benefits Of International Employees
An American Grandma Anxiously Awaiting Elections Results In Cowpens , South Carolina
Hargeysa 29/10 Suicide Bombings: Explanations?
We Stand United - The Diaspora Grieve Over Wednesday's Attacks
Somaliland - Growing Stronger As A State Within A State
Sympathy To The Victims Of The Recent Terrorists' Attacks In Somaliland From South Africa
EXCLUSIVE: Somalia 's Islamists Up Close and Personal

An American Grandma Anxiously Awaiting Elections Results In Cowpens , South Carolina


Throughout September Awdalnews graciously gave me a platform to express my views about Cross Culture, Politics, and Feminism. Thank you. At the time I didn't notice that the World Wide Economy was about to implode and that Terrorism was targeting new victims, including little Somaliland . As if Nature, with her earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts and floods doesn't accidentally punish enough thousands of people; Man, with his greed, hate, and violence plots to destroy the rest of us.

As the year 2008 comes to an end the entire world endures unthinkable horrors. Can we hear the sirens screeching? The bells clanging? The rumble of falling skyscrapers? The low moaning of hundreds of thousands on the march?

Can we turn the tide?

Barack Obama says, "Yes, we can!"

I'm writing this on Monday morning, November 3rd, as I sit at the kitchen counter in Cowpens , SC. By tomorrow night I should know if the United States has chosen to clean up our past mistakes and bad judgment...our shameful lapse into "the Ugly American". By tomorrow night we will know if the United States is ready to return to our original "course" that made us the model and the envy of the whole world for centuries.

But what if Barack Obama is NOT elected tomorrow night? Will the country and the world continue their frightening tailspin into self-destruction? I think not.

The significance of Barack Obama's nomination is that America is finally ready to "walk the walk" instead of just "talk the talk". The people are ready to get honest. They said it out loud when they broke down this last barrier to the principle of the equality of man. We're on the right track again! Now all things are possible...if not with Obama this year, how about a Native American in 2012?

As for the effect of the economic meltdown and terrorism on my little acre in Cowpens:

My father managed to provide for us during the Great Depression and repeated these word of advice over and over again: "If you can't pay for it, don't buy it". So, I don't.

I lock my doors and call the dogs indoors at night. What else can a Grandma do? If you see a flare go up in the sky tomorrow'll know who won the election.

Wishing the world the peace and simplicity of my acre in Cowpens.

Ruth Shanor






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