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Issue 49 December 28, 2002


Fake Company Strikes Deal With Minerals Ministry

Inverse International Doesn’t Exist As A Real Company

London (SL Times): A company by the name of Inverse International which had concluded an oil exploration deal with Somaliland Ministry of Minerals and Water earlier this month, has turned out to be fake.

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UDUB, KULMIYE And UCID Declared Winners

Hargeisa (SL Times): The committee for the Registration of Political Parties has declared UDUB, KULMIYE and UCID organizations as the officially recognized political parties in the Republic of Somaliland.

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Gunmen Kill Pupils In Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Sapa-AFP) - Gunmen in the Somalia capital killed five pupils and two school guards when they fired on a bus, parents and school management said on Thursday. 

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Djibouti Pins Aid Hopes On New Guests

U.S. military presence a boon and risk for tiny country

Raymond Thibodeaux
Special Correspondent

Obock, Djibouti, December 26, 2002 (Newsday) - As tanks and Humvees rumbled through this small fishing port carrying hundreds of heavily armed U.S. Marines, the locals - wearing flip-flops and tattered clothes - feared the Americans were occupying their town. No one had warned them that the troops were coming to practice assaulting the beaches from the shallow harbor where their children swim.

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Kenyans Vote In Elections Marking End Of President Moi's Rule

NAIROBI, Kenya, December 27, 2002 (AP) - In an election many thought they would never see, Kenyans headed to the polls Friday on foot, on bicycles and in packed minibuses to determine who will succeed President Daniel arap Moi - the leader of this East African nation for the past 24 years.

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Rayale And Yassin Win UDUB’s Nomination

Hargeisa (SL Times): Somaliland President Dahir Rayale and Vice President Ahmed Yassin will run in the next presidential elections as the sole candidates of UDUB party. 

Both men won the nomination of UDUB at a party central committee meeting held on Thursday. There were no other contenders during the nomination.

Few days before the meeting, Abdi Aw Dahir, the former UDUB Secretary General, was ousted from the party.

WHO Officer Visits Dararweyne

Hargeisa (SL Times): Mr. Ibrahim Baytmal, Head of the World Health Organization Bureau in Somaliland/Somalia, was in Dararweyne village, about 30km Northeast of Hargeisa, to attend the inauguration of a newly built MCH there. 

The MCH was constructed through WHO assistance.

Mothers and children from the agro-pastoralist community at Dararweyne have journeyed, in the past, to Hargeisa, for basic medical care.


Somaliland: A Historic Move To Popular Democracy

from Somaliland Forum

Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced on December 22nd, 2002, the results of the first democratic local government election held in the country since Somaliland stepped back from a tyrannical and unconstitutional association with Somalia in 1991 (Somaliland became an independent country for the first time on June 26, 1960, after having gained its independence from Great Britain, well ahead of Somalia, which gained her independence from Italy). On Sunday December 15, 2002 the people of Somaliland elected their local district authorities representatives in a peaceful and orderly election, in which they elected 379 local councillors. The recently elected councillors will govern the local administration in their respective districts and will serve for a term of 5 years.

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Election Aftermath

Starting from the election day itself (Dec 15th), complaints on vote rigging have been arriving at the national electoral commission’s headquarters from nearly all the organizations which were contesting in the local election, with the exception of the government’s UDUB party. 

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The UN Renews Its Campaign Against Somali Livestock

Jamal Gabobe
Seattle, Washington

A few weeks ago I read this piece of news in my local paper (The Seattle Times, Nov.22, 2002): "So it was something of a surprise yesterday when the government permitted UNICEF, the U.N. Children's Fund, to release a report saying the malnutrition rate among Iraqi children actually has fallen significantly since 1996."

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Assassination Attempt Of The President Of Somaliland

Somalilanders had their first local elections on Sunday. Over eight hundred election booths attracted voters from dawn to dusk throughout the country and all went peacefully. This is the first time since independence in June the 26th 1960 that voting for local government has taken place. Political parties with more then 20% of the electorate votes in four of the six regions will participate in the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2003. No voting took place in Sool region that was under a state of emergency.

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Leadership Is A Crucial Factor In The Public Administration

Abdirahman Said Mohamed Hargeisa

What is leadership? Leadership is difficult to define. The dictionary states that it is the ability to command. People sometimes look at it as the ability to point the way toward success. Both of these points of view however are too limited for the reality of the world of politics.

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Juti martin, his wife Barbara and his two sons

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