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Issue 645 -- 21st - 27th June, 2014

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Somaliland News

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UCID Presidential Candidate Urges Parliament To Look Into Agreements With Oil And Minerals Companies

SSJW Press Release: Freedom Of Speech Under Attack In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

EUCAP Nestor Strengthens Foothold In Somaliland

Exclusive Interview With Abderrazaq Noor, The Man Behind Somali Kitchen

Statement On The Situation In Eastern Somaliland

UN Says Oil Search In Northern Somalia Risks Stoking Tension

UK Khat Ban Likely To Create Innovative Black Market For Drug

FBI Investigates City’s Somali Community

Africa Comes To Parliament With Debate In The Commons


Sillanyo Unmasked

Features & Commentary

How Africa Can Beat Terrorism

Port Challenges In East Africa Afford A Golden Opportunity For Berbera

Somaliland’s First Wind Farm

International News


Somaliland: It’s About The Elections, Stupid!

Is Britain Turning Its Back On The World’s Refugees?

Statement On The Situation In Eastern Somaliland

Following A Joint Session, the President, the Chairman of the Guurti, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chairman of the Political Parties Provided an update on the Situation in the Eastern regions of the Country.
In recent days, several actors have sought to undermine the stability and Territorial integrity of Somaliland, and threatened to Provoke local conflict. In response to appeals from local residents, Somaliland Security forces moved into the East of Our Country to maintain the Peace and ensure law and Order. The Deployment of Security Forces took place Peacefully, in full accordance with Domestic and International Law.
The Republic of Somaliland has the responsibility for maintaining Peace and Protecting its Citizens, and has the right to intervene within the borders of its territory. These borders were Established during the period of colonial rule, and were inherited by the Republic of Somaliland upon its Independence on 26 June 1960. In 1991, upon the collapse of the Somali state, Somaliland reasserted its independence, in accordance with International law and Precedent, based on these same Colonial Borders and in line with the Principles in the then OAU Charter. The Democratically Elected Government of the Republic of Somaliland has Both the Sovereign Authority and Political Legitimacy to Govern within these borders.
Under the Administration of H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Sillanyo, the Government of the Republic of Somaliland has made great efforts to encourage reconciliation, strengthen peace and security, and ensure Development of the eastern regions of Somaliland. We have resolved disputes with local militia and incorporated their legitimate representatives into our Government, and we engage with the regions’ traditional leadership to address the concerns of their communities. We have initiated over thirty development projects for Sool and Sanaag, including an Investment to Build Las Anod University, and we are raising funds to build the Road from Burao to Erigavo to better Connect the East to Our Country’s Capital.
The Republic of Somaliland is a democracy. Everyone has a voice in the future development of Our Country. However, incitement of Violence is not acceptable, and will only lead to instability that may be exploited by terrorist groups such as al-Shabaab. We will Continue to cooperate with the international community and with our Neighbors, including Somalia and its Regional Administration of Puntland, to ensure that Our Countries remain Peaceful and secure. We remain Committed to the peaceful resolution of all disputes, be they internal or external. We welcome all Opportunities to engage in dialogue with local actors and with our Neighbors. We call on the International Community to help facilitate such discussions where necessary, taking into account the reality of Somaliland’s 23 Years of Independence and Self-government.








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