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Issue 645 -- 21st - 27th June, 2014

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UCID Presidential Candidate Urges Parliament To Look Into Agreements With Oil And Minerals Companies

SSJW Press Release: Freedom Of Speech Under Attack In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

EUCAP Nestor Strengthens Foothold In Somaliland

Exclusive Interview With Abderrazaq Noor, The Man Behind Somali Kitchen

Statement On The Situation In Eastern Somaliland

UN Says Oil Search In Northern Somalia Risks Stoking Tension

UK Khat Ban Likely To Create Innovative Black Market For Drug

FBI Investigates City’s Somali Community

Africa Comes To Parliament With Debate In The Commons


Sillanyo Unmasked

Features & Commentary

How Africa Can Beat Terrorism

Port Challenges In East Africa Afford A Golden Opportunity For Berbera

Somaliland’s First Wind Farm

International News


Somaliland: It’s About The Elections, Stupid!

Is Britain Turning Its Back On The World’s Refugees?

Jamal Ali Hussein Promises To Hold Demonstrations If Government Continues Kangaroo Trial Of Journalists

Hargeysa, Somaliland, June 21, 2014 (SL Times) – UCID candidate for the presidency, Jamal Ali Hussein attended the trial of Haatuf journalists. Speaking to the media after the trial, he said he was flabbergasted by the clear violations of the rights of the Haatuf journalists that he saw in that court. He was specifically incensed by the behavior of the prosecutor who shouted at one of the journalists (Yusuf Abdi Gaboobe): “We shall shove you under our feet (cagta hosteeda ayaanu ku galinaynaa). Jamal Ali Hussein saw the prosecutor’s statement as unacceptable tribally motivated behavior which should have no place in a court of law.
“The trial has taken us back to Siyad Barre’s time. I was present then, during the time when school children threw stones “dhagax Tuur” at the military in protest of the military court’s abuse of the rights of the UFFO group. We saw the same kind of abuse being committed in today’s court and we will not accept it,” Jamal Ali Hussein added.
Jamal Ali Hussein strongly warned the government that if it continues its biased trial of Haatuf journalists, there will be huge demonstrations to protest this gross miscarriage of justice.
The prosecutor’s verbal threat to Yusuf Abdi Gabobe and the judge’s failure to censor him for it lends further proof to Haatuf journalists’ argument that the judge works in cahoots with the government and cannot go against the government’s wishes but is rather executing the orders they give him.








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