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Issue 645 -- 21st - 27th June, 2014

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Somaliland News

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UCID Presidential Candidate Urges Parliament To Look Into Agreements With Oil And Minerals Companies

SSJW Press Release: Freedom Of Speech Under Attack In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

EUCAP Nestor Strengthens Foothold In Somaliland

Exclusive Interview With Abderrazaq Noor, The Man Behind Somali Kitchen

Statement On The Situation In Eastern Somaliland

UN Says Oil Search In Northern Somalia Risks Stoking Tension

UK Khat Ban Likely To Create Innovative Black Market For Drug

FBI Investigates City’s Somali Community

Africa Comes To Parliament With Debate In The Commons


Sillanyo Unmasked

Features & Commentary

How Africa Can Beat Terrorism

Port Challenges In East Africa Afford A Golden Opportunity For Berbera

Somaliland’s First Wind Farm

International News


Somaliland: It’s About The Elections, Stupid!

Is Britain Turning Its Back On The World’s Refugees?

Demonstrations In Berbera In Support Of Haatuf And Dan Iyo Duco

Hargeysa, Somaliland, June 21, 2014 (SL Times) – Demonstrations in support of Haatuf took place in Sahil region, especially Berbera, reported Qarannews. The peaceful demonstrations were in support of the DAN Iyo DUCO organization that is involved in advancing the region and protecting its resources.
The demonstration also expressed solidarity with Haatuf Media Network and condemned the unjust and illegal imprisonment of Haatuf journalists.
There are also reports of preparations for similar demonstrations in Hargeysa.








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