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Issue 661 -- 28th March - 3rd April, 2015

Front Page

Somaliland News

News Headlines

Interpeace Cancels Voter Registration Contract

Somaliland’s ‘Unsung Heroes’

Local and Regional Affairs

New Procurement Service Helps Worldremit Deliver Its Customer Management Vision

Dubai Government Establishes P&O Ports Subsidiary

Somaliland Government Allows Use Of Airport Against Al-Houthis

DIFC Courts Expected To Unfreeze Assets Of Dubai Businessman Following Djibouti Dispute

Girls’ Education In Somaliland: The Start Of A Quiet Revolution

UK Appoints New Ambassador To Somalia

New Minister Of Finance Zamzam Adan ‘ Received’ Overwhelming Support


How Long Will The Anti-ISIS Marriage Of Convenience Last?

Features & Commentary

Conflict Assessment Northern Kenya And Somaliland

‘Wonderful Somaliland’: Self-Declared Country Aims For Spot On Tourist Map

Dirty Hands: Why Biometric Voting Fails In Africa - And It Doesn't Matter In The End

Only A Crazy Man Would Go To Somali Territory

International News


Somaliland: UK Asked To Push For UN Recognition

DANIDA’s Job Profile Depicts Somaliland—As a Terrorist Haven

Somaliland: For Better Or For Worse? The Forced Marriage Of Sovereignty And Self-Determination

Nora Y.S. Ali
Cornell Law School, Candidate for JD, 2015.


A young girl is shot in the face, leaving a gaping hole in her cheek for over 25 years.1 A four-year old girl is born with an exposed bladder. Seven children have hydrocephalus, causing their brains to swell with fluid that needs to be drained through sophisticated procedure.
These are just a few of the patients seen in the only maternity hospital in Somaliland. It is the only maternity hospital in the nation, due in part to limited funding opportunities for maternal and child health. Each of these stories ends in success, but not because of international organizations that donate directly to foreign governments. Why international organizations are not part of this success?

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Source: Cornell International Law Journal








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